Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Just a Note

Firstly I want to apologize for taking such a long break from Through Colourblind Eyes, even thought you might think so, I am far from finished with this rainbowacy.   I was only meant to take a short time out, but it didn't quite work out that way.

My initial plan was to take a short break after my last remaining Grandparent died.  Shortly after which I purchased a new computer, so I needed the time out to reinstall the sims 3 and transfer all my files over.  On doing that I realised there was a problem.  

A lot of my saved game files I could not access, because it tells me that there is something missing that is not installed on my new system.  I painstakingly copied and backed up every single file off my old computer in my sims3 folder and spent months trying to find the missing part without success.  I am still yet to find it!!

Annoyingly all of the faded out saves that I can not access being Tapestry saves, which baffles me because I have other old saved files, from  other legacy's, working from over six years ago when my current ones are not.  All my vampire and Rock story saves are working - just the ones belonging to Tapestry that contain Mango's house ... the new version of the house that contains the basement, which stupidly I did not save to my library, having it in so many different backed up files I didn't think I needed to.

That kind of threw me for a while, and while I was still trying to find the missing part - I have been working on making some worlds in CAW and other blogged stuff, including the Rock story which has been quietly and slowly ticking a long, all the time I have been away. 

My main project has been rebuilding Mango's house painstakingly from just all the photo's that I have - which has been a nightmare - but it is now done and as close as I'm ever going to get it.  It was either that or completely change the storyline to take him away from the house - which I did try to think about for a while - but his life is too set now for me to change it.

I am not sure - how a whole year has passed by - but it has.

I am now back writing Tapestry chapters, and you will be seeing one in a few days.  I am going to try and keep the chapter shorter, so they are not too time consuming to read. (which for me is harder said than done)  I sat and read the whole of Tapestrys generation to refresh my memory a little and I reminded myself that the chapters are getting ridiculously long.

Just a note - There is something coming out in the next few chapters that might confuse you a little, regarding Granite, Mace and Forrests relationship, because while it is only skimmed over in the Tapestry chapters - it is played out in full over on the Rock story chapters - so it might be an idea for you to read those a little if you haven't already.

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