Monday, 19 June 2017

Chapter 56 - Gen 2 - Tapestry

After I have wiped away what I needed to ... everything in his memory from his birth to the day that Granite and Forrest got married, I jump out of his head and release his eyelids.

I stand and stare at Forrest in utter and numb shock!!

This is always the part of looking through someone's memories that I hate!!  The part that makes me wish that I did not have this strange ability, and that I was still completely oblivious to it, like I was before I was abducted and introduced to our cold friends with fangs.

I get to see things that I really don't want to be seeing!!

Just like with Ruby, Forrest too has things in his head that I really wish that I didn't now know.

My intention was not to look too closely at what he has stored in his head.  I wanted to just rewind at speed through his memories until I had found the day that Forrest had married Granite, wipe everything away and come out quickly.

While I was doing it, I found myself having to slow everything down part way through skimming back, because I kept seeing a very familiar face continuously flashing up from in amongst Forrest's memories, a lot more times than I thought it should have been.

My cousin Whisteria, seemed to feature heavily in big chunks of his memories, which started to really bug me as well as really confuse me.

When I looked through all of his memories that Wisty appear in, it didn't take me long to see that Forrest and Wisty have been having a mad fling ... and even though Forrest has put a stop to it now, it looks like it was going on for quite a while on the quiet.  I watched the most recent memories very carefully, there seems to be a lot of arguing going on between them, and what my cousin has been up to, it has knocked me sick!!

This I really didn't want to know.

The door opens quite loadly behind me.

          "Are you done?"  Dad mumbles
          "Yeah, it's done."  I mumble back still not taking my eyes off Forrest
          "What took you so long ... you said seconds ... you was in there for ages!!
          "Sorry I got distracted."  I laugh as I look over towards the door  "Watching Granite and Forrest as toddlers together, they were quite cute!"

I have to fob him off with something, I can not tell him the truth about what really distracted me.   He and especially Prelude might just hit the roof if they ever find out about this.  This is no different to Coral and Gravel, but Wisty and Forrest ... it has really shocked me.

         "Okay well, me and Granite are going to take Bay down to maternity to check on Caramel, and while we have got him down there, I'm going to take him to the cafe and make sure he eats."  he laughs quietly  "Mace has just turned up, so you can keep him company while we are away ... don't get running off anywhere, I want a chat with you before you go."
         "Can't it wait until later, I should really be getting back to Crystal."
         "No it can't wait ... Crystal is fine, River is with her.  She is still on hyper rails, so he's put her on IV fluids, which was due to be done today anyway.  It is helping to keep her still and calm her down, so he can explain to her why she can't keep bouncing around like she does.  I really don't know where she gets all her energy from."  he laughs  "And before you ask, Atlas and Saffron have Vanilla and Snow, they have taken them round to Affairs to play with the triplets, to give Crystal a break."
        "How long are you going to be?"
        "As long as it takes for Bay to eat a meal."  he laughs at me

After Dad has left the room I turn back to stare at Forrest again, and my mind goes back to what I have seen.

Now I know who the missing piece of the jigsaw is ... Forrest.

Prelude especially has been pulling his hair out with Wisty a lot lately.  Out of all of us, she has always been the most sensible one, but lately she has gone completely off the rails, especially as far as her university studies are concerned.  We knew she had been messing about with an older married man, who has messed her head up and broken her heart, because Crimson found out and dumped her because of it.

However, we didn't know who he was .... Now I do know and I really wished I didn't!!

The door bangs a few times and opens slowly ...  Mace is struggling with the door, so I go over to help him.  When he is in the room and his wheelchair is parked by the seats I sit down.  The first thing I look for is to see if he is wearing a new ring yet, but he isn't, so it doesn't look like Granite has got round to proposing to him yet.

          "Man am I glad this is all FINALLY out in the open!"  Mace laughs as he looks over at Forrest
          "Only so you can start molesting Granite openly in public now."  I laugh at him
          "You know it!!"  he smirks at me and we both start laughing  "I'm also very glad that everyone will now know the truth and stop seeing me as the delusional idiot and the villian in all this."
          "Yeah, I guess there is that."  I smile at him  "But it might take a while, everyone has got to get their heads around him not being gay yet."
          "Granite warned me he keeps twitching quite violently sometimes."
          "Yeah he does ... it's kind of creepy to watch, but it should stop when his brain activity settles down so Bay says."

           "Oh, I have just watched them dragging Bay off down the corridor - he really didn't want to go."  he laughs  "I remember what he was like when Slate was up here ... a nightmare to shift, he virtually lived at the hospital the whole time!!  I think we are going to have a hells game with him again until Forrest wakes up."
          "I didn't see what he was like, I was away then, if you remember I came back the day Slate woke up."
          "Yeah, it seems like such a long time ago now, even though it isn't."  he starts to snigger  "Such a lot has happened in such a short space of time ... especially for you Mr Rock Star!"  he starts laughing at me
          "You know about the babies don't you."
          "Yeah, all FOUR of them."  he starts really laughing  "Berry Tap, you do know it is a lot easier to have one at a time, don't you."
          "Yeah I know ... I still haven't got over the shock of it yet."
          "I can imagine!!  Granite was virtually rolling around on the floor outside when your Dad told him ... I'm afraid you are going to get ribbed something chronic when he gets the chance."
           "Yeah I guessed I might!"  we both sit laughing  "Where is Clay?"
           "With Slate and Dad downstairs.  They are watching him for me while I popped in here ... we couldn't get a sitter, so we brought them with us."  he laughs quietly  "Slate and Amber being down in the cafe was the only reason they managed to get Bay out of here I think."
           "Oh!!  While I think about it, I have got something for you."  I smirk at him as I reach into my inside pocket.  "It's not due out for another few weeks, so you have the official first copy."

            "Thanks!!  Wow It looks different in print."  he grins as he stares at the CD cover that I've just given him.  "It's been too many years since I've seen any of my artwork in print."
            "Rocky loves it, he was pretty shocked when I told you illustrated the Mr Berry books, and it looks like you have got yourself a permanent job if you want it."  I smile at him  "He has got a solo single planned soon, and he wants you to do the cover ... I've given him your number so I guess he'll be phoning you soon ... and you'll definitely be getting all of mine and the joint Rocky Storm stuff, and there is that other dance music project I'm working on with Shadow."
             "Mmm Shadow ... the mysterious guy in a cloak ...who is he Tap?"
             "It's a trade secret.  Only me, Rocky, Prelude and my boss Grape know who he is."  I laugh at him  "The world will get to find out who he is one day ... but in the mean time, his stuff especially will keep you very busy with him being anonymous and not having a real face in public."
            "That's all very nice ..."  his face twists up  "But don't forget Tap, this time next month I'll be inside, and I dread to think how long they might lock me up for, especially if Gravel continues to be a berry hole."
            "That's just a minor detail."  I smirk at him  "I said the same thing to Rocky, but he laughed at me, because I'm new to all this fame lark and haven't leaned how to use it to my own advantage yet!"  I laugh  "Rocky throws his weight around everywhere to get what he wants, plus you have Shale, so Rocky says the three of us can make noise and pull enough strings for you to carry on doing the artwork, even if you are in prison."
            "It would be good if you can pull it off!!"  he grins at me  "It will give me something to do, to save me getting bored out of my tidy mind just staring at four walls."

The door opens and I think Dad and Bay might be back already.

Who I see walking into the room totally floors me ...

I sit there staring at her and I can feel the colour draining away from my face.  She picks her moment to turn up after I have only just found out what she has been up to with Forrest.

The expression on her face as she stares at Forrest, kind of gives it away, which makes me snap.

            "Seriously Wisty!!"   I snap at her  "You need to sling your hook back to Uni!!"
            "What is your problem Tap?!"  she frowns at me  "I know you and Dad are best buddies right now, but it doesn't mean you have to do his dirty work for him ... I'll go back to Uni when I feel like it!!"
            "You are my problem, and it has nothing to do with Prelude!!"  I frown at her  "What are you even doing here?  Not that I really have to ask!"
            "Granddad told me you was here, and about Forrest ... I am just checking he is okay."

I watch her give Mace quite a shifty look, and he pulls quite an unpleasant face back at her ... I wander if he knows?!

            "Well he is okay ... so now you can go!!"  I snap at her
            "Seriously cuz ... who has rattled your cage."
            "You!!"  I snap at her  "Don't think I don't know!!"
            "You tell me ... what do you know?"  she laughs at me  "It looks like our little Tappy is having one of his terror tantrum!"
            "I know who your married man is!"  I snap at her  "So right now I really don't want to be seeing your face, because just looking at it makes me want to have a tantrum on it!!  You are as bad as Coral, it's no wander Crimson dumped you!"
            "You and who's army Tap!  Come and try having a tantrum on my face!!"  she laughs at me sarcastically  "And you don't have a clue who he is, so wind your neck in!!"

          "Oh I know exactly who he is all right!!"  I snap at her  "Wisty you need to go, there is enough shit going on around here already without you coming in here and making it worse ... stalker!!"
           "You've told him haven't you!"  she snaps at Mace suddenly
           "No I haven't said a word!!"  Mace mumbles as he looks between me and Wisty  "I don't have a clue how he found out!!"
           "You know who he is too don't you?"  I frown at Mace
           "Yeah I do"  he mumbles  "and you are right Tap, she does need to leave."
           "How long have you known?"  I frown at him
           "Since I was in here myself ... he ended it that long ago, and stalker is the word, because she won't leave him alone.  The four of us have been laying into her telling her to sling her hook, but she's not listening."
           "I don't get it, why was he having a fling with Wisty, with everything else he had going on."
           "He was in a bad place, arguing with the Mrs because she's been messing him about for six years refusing to tell the kids the truth about him.  He was hurting and lonely, he bumped into Wisty in a bar, got drunk, she threw herself at him and he lost his head.   He's only been seeing her when she comes here from Uni.  He told us he tried to put a stop to it straight away, but she's been black mailing him, telling him she's tell everyone, and he's been terrified of the kids finding out the truth and getting hurt."
           "Does Mel know about him and Wisty?"
           "Yeah she does.  He told her when he refused to go there any more, she wasn't happy obviously, but she forgave him.  I think she knew she was partly to blame, she pushed him to it, because of what she was putting him through, and he swears he only carried on doing it because Wisty was blackmailing him and he was trying to protect the kids."

I notice Mace get out his phone and he sends a quick text to someone.  I sit and watch my cousin a little bemused, she has been paying no attention to what me and Mace were just saying, and the way she is sat staring at Forrest, she is not even trying to hide it. 

            "Wisty you need to leave!!  I know for a fact Forrest wouldn't want her in here!!"  Mace glares at her  "Haven't you caused enough trouble already ... It's about time you took the hint, grew up and packed it in!!  If Gran and Mel catch you in here they are going to go ballistic!"
           "Let them!"  she laughs without taking her eyes off Forrest  "I notice they are not here themselves, seeing as they are supposed to care so much!"  she snaps sarcastically
           "They have good reason for not being here right now, but it won't be long before they are ... so you need to sling it!!"
           "Anyway, what's your problem Mace, since when did you suddenly become his guard dog ... you can't even stand him!!"
           "That's not the point!!"  he snaps  "The point is Forrest has been telling you for the past nine months to SLING YOUR HOOK and leave him alone ... so you seriously need to listen and DO IT!!"
            "Yes Wisty, you need to go!!"  I snap at her  "We really don't need anyone finding out about this, especially not Bay, he is upset enough at the moment without you adding to it!"
             "What has Bay got to do with this?"  she laughs sarcastically  "Or are you two covering for her too, helping her hide her dirty secret ... I wander what Alpine would say if he found out his wife is playing away!"
             "Oh Fudge!!"  Mace half laughs and chokes  "I bet she doesn't know yet!!"

Me and Mace look at each other and laugh for a moment.

          "Wisty, what did Granddad tell you about Forrest?"
          "Just that you and Uncle Mango were here because Forrest had banged his head and ended up in surgery."  she frowns at me "Why?"
          "So you don't know about Forrests kids?"
          "What kids, he doesn't have any!"  she laughs at me
          "Bay, Fudge, Mint ... they are Forrests kids not Alpines!!"  I laugh at her  "plus Mel is pregnant and they have twins on the way.  Alpine has known all along about Caramel and Forrest, he has been covering for them too with good reason, they are not even married, they got divorced after Bay was born."
          "Stop talking SHIT!!"  she snaps at me
          "He's not talking shit Wisty!!"  Mace laughs at her  "You already know he's been seeing Mel, but it's not only recent like we made out, it's been going on secretly for over twenty years, he was seeing Mel behind Granites back before he even got locked up and Alpine knew all about it!"
          "You need to talk to your brother, Parsley will fill you in on all the gossip.  He will tell you all about it and that he is dating Forrest's daughter!"  I snigger at her  "I've got a picture of Mint on my phone if you want to take a good look at it and compare it with her Daddies face."
          "Sod off Tap!!"  she snaps
          "Wisty, I think I know why you are doing this and continuing with your shit ..."  Mace mumbles  "... because it worked for me, I got Granite in the end but you aren't ever getting Forrest!!  He doesn't love you, he doesn't even like you!!  You hit him when he was at a low point, and he's regretted going there ever since!!  You haven't got a cat in hells chance of splitting him and Mel up with your creepy stalking."  he starts laughing  "You are even too stupid to see, your competition has never been Granite ... it has always been Mel and their kids!!"

 The door opens and Granite comes barging through it, looking far from happy.  I guessed Mace might be texting him.  Granite goes to say something, looks at me, stops and pulls a face.

          "It's okay."  I laugh at him  "I know about Forrest and Wisty?"
          "How?"  he snaps  "Have you been opening your big mouth Mace, or is it her?!"
          "Neither ... my spirit friends told me."  I smirk at him  "I have already told you, that they are always telling me things that I really don't want to know, and this is one of those things."

Granite just stands laughing at me for a moment.  I had to tell him something, I couldn't really tell him that I've been in Forrest's head and looking through his memories.  It does make me wander why Storm didn't tell me about this?!  They have been watching Forrest carefully, to make sure he is doing the right thing by Alpine, so they must have seen this going on!!  I would imagine Storm can not be happy watching his sister acting this way.

          "Wisty, you SERIOUSLY need to do one, because I am very quickly losing my temper and patience with you!!"  he snaps as he storms over towards Wisty, grabbing her by the arm, pulling her up out of the chair.  "In fact, it's time we put a stop to this once and for all!!  You are off your head, you need sectioning!!"
           "Gran what are you doing?"  Mace frowns at Granite
           "I'm showing her out and pointing her in the direction of that Uni of hers, before Bay and Mango get back."   he snaps  "Mace sort your phone out, I just tried to text you but your in box is full of crap!!"  he winks at Mace.  "Delete it all!!"  he smirks and nods downwards as he is pushing a protesting Wisty out of the door.

Mace looks down and starts to laugh

As soon as the door closes behind them, Mace leans over quickly and grabs Wisty's bag that she had dropped down by his wheelchair when she came in.  I watch him quickly go into it and he pulls out her phone.
          "Tap do us a favour, run out and give that to her, so she doesn't come back for it."  he laughs as he holds out her bag to me  "You can give her her phone back after when I've finished with it."
          "What are you doing?"  I frown at him
          "Wiping Forrest completely out of her phone, number, emails, photo's and texts, so she has no proof and nothing to blackmail him with."  he smirks at me "This is what has been stopping us from getting rid of her completely."

After running after Granite who is dragging Wisty down the corridor to give her the bag.  I walk back to Forrest's room laughing, doubting that Mace will get into her phone without knowing the password.  When I sit down I am amused to see Mace is actually already messing in her phone.

          "I didn't think you would get into it."  I laugh at him  "How do you know her password?"
          "I was bottle fed on crime, I watch everyone and everything."  he smirks at me  "She's sat by me loads of times punching in her password, so I've clocked it."  he sniggers  "There is only you who doesn't have a password on your phone."
           "Yeah because I can't read."  I laugh at him  "So has she been blackmailing him with texts?"
           "Yeah."  he mumbles as he continues to mess in her phone  "She has kept some old texts, she made the mistake of showing me, when she thought I was going to help her get Forrest away from Granite.  She's been threatening to send them to everyone."  he laughs  "She is constantly texting, phoning, emailing and stalking him, she has actually started to scare him, he shits himself every time she is in town, because she has taken it to a whole new level ... Look, I'll show you"

Mace laughs as he turns the phone so I can see and starts swiping through photo's that she has taken of Forrest, most of them look like they have been taken on the sly and he doesn't have a clue that she is taking pictures of him.

I sit watching him deleting a load of photographs then he hands the phone to me.

          "Give that back to her ... just tell her she left it on the chair."  he smiles at me  "She will be crying when she sees it has all gone."
          "Maybe she genuinely loves him?"  I mumble
          "She probably does, but what she is doing now is down right creepy.  She is beyond obsessed, I'm sure you saw how she was sat there looking at him, she's off her head!!  He can't move for her, she is always following him and jumping out at him when he least expects it.  She has even broke into Bay's place during the middle of the night, when Forrest was living there, she woke him up mauling him, she locked him in and took the key, so he had to change the locks, as well as having window locks fitted to stop her getting in again."
          "She actually locked him in?"
          "Yeah, he had to climb out of the bathroom window to escape her.  It's just a good job she didn't pinch Crimsons handcuff or he would seriously have been in trouble!!"  he starts really laughing  "I'm sure you've seen the film "Misery" - we are half expecting her to start doing that to him next!!  Tying him up and battering him because he won't play ball.  She has almost turned psycho over him and she has been a whole lot worse since she found out about Mel."
          "How did she find out?"
          "Mel lost her head, and I can't say I blame her, I would have done too.  Wisty sent Forrest a naked text, telling him she was horny and needed him."  he starts howling  "That's what he's had to keep putting up with, and like a twat he showed Mel.  She phoned Wisty and started kicking off, without even thinking that she was advertising the fact her and Forrest were together.  The next day Wisty caught a plane back here, and she sent Forrest another one of her filthy text which had Mel kicking off again, and that's the argument Crimson walked in on."
          "Oh fudge!!"  I laugh  "It's a good job Crimson didn't realise it was Caramel on the other end of the phone."
         "Yeah I know, if he had all this would have come out then, and kicked off proper!!  It is Prelude we are worried about ever getting wind of this, he won't see his daughter is a creepy stalker, he will just make mince meat of Forrest.  Then there is the kids, they could really get hurt by it."  he pulls a face     

            "How do you stop someone stalking?"
            "Berry knows, he can't even get the police involved without El and Crimson finding out!!  If you ask me the girl needs psychiatric help to be that obsessed over someone!!"  he laughs  "I wouldn't mind, but I don't get what Mel, Granite or Wisty even see in the green thing!!  He has sent all three of them cuckoo!!  You know what Granite has been like in the past, Mel is just as bad on the quiet, putting up with his Granite obssession as well as all his shit over the years, and Wisty especially, she is totally barking!!  She must be off her head, because I would chose Crimson over the green thing any day ... wouldn't you!!"
           "I'm straight you twat!!"  I start howling at him, which sets him off laughing with me.  "And so are they for that matter ... so I wouldn't be choosing either of them!"

I walk into Dads office still laughing at Mace, even though I don't really feel like laughing over what Wisty has been doing.  Dad, Slate and Bay had walked in while we were laughing, so that put a stop to our conversation.  Dad reminded me that he wanted a chat with me and dragged me off into to his office.

           "Why have I just seen a very angry looking Granite dragging Wisteria out of the hospital."  Dad mumbles as he sits down
           "He was kicking her out and getting her away from me."  I mumble  "We started arguing over what she has done to Crimson, and I think Granite could see I was about to blow."
            "So has she told you who this married bloke is yet?"  he frowns at me
            "No!!  It's probably someone from Uni or Rainbow."  I mumble as I throw her phone on the desk  "Can you give that to her, she left it on the chair."  he frowns at me  "Before you say it, no I'm not going anywhere near the bitch to return her phone.  She is as bad as Coral and Strawberry in my book and right now I'm likely to have a tantrum on her face."
            "So ... your head hasn't calmed down any then?"
            "Yeah it had until she wound me up."  I frown at him  "So what do you want to chat about?"
            "I'm just wandering how you are feeling about the babies?"  he smiles at me  "Are you up to talking about it yet?"

            "It's not good is it ... FOUR babies."  he frowns at me  "River has already told me, it makes the pregnancy complicated and risky."
            "Yeah, and that is what we need to talk about .... but if you are not up to it ...."
            "No, you need to tell me, I want to know."
            "Well, for now I am just going to tell you basically ... when you are completely comfortable with everything, then we will discuss it all in detail."
            "Go on then ... hit me with the basics."
            "Firstly, Crystal, we need to calm her down ... I'm afraid she has a lot of bed rest ahead of her, those four babies are going to take a lot out of her, and we have to make her understand while she is carrying these babies that she can't bounce around like she does."  he laughs  "River is talking to her now, but we all need to keep an eye on her."
            "I'm sure she will listen when she knowns how important it is."
            "I hope so, because what you both need to understand, that if anything goes wrong with any of the babies .... if you lose one, it's twin is going to go with it, and all four of them could be affected."
            "Why will it's twin go with it?"
            "You are having identical twins - so they share one placenta.  If one goes they both go, because they are joined together by the placenta."  he smiles at me  "And just to complicate this pregnancy more - both sets of twins are joined together by more than just the placenta - both babies are sitting in one amniotic sac - they dont have one each like most twins --- your twins are sharing one."

            "Is that normal?"
            "Identical twins always share a placenta - but sharing the same amniotic sac is not very common ... and with them sharing one sac it brings its own set of complications."
            "What complications?"
            "Complications that you don't need to even think about unless they happen - which hopefully they won't.  We will be doing extra scans and monitoring with it being Quads, so we will be keeping a close watch on everything at home.  You have the added advantage of having five doctors in the house, and I'm borrowing all the necessary equipment like I did with Honey, so if your babies so much as sneeze we will know about it."  he smiles at me  "You also need to know, that these babies, because there are four of them, they won't be going the full term of 40 weeks."
            "Why not?"
            "Quads are generally delivered at about 32 weeks, which is 8 weeks earier than a single baby, and Crystal will have to have a C section .... a normal birth is too stressful and risky for both the mother and babies."  he smiles at me
            "32 weeks is too early."  I stare at him wide eyed
            "32 weeks is how far gone your Mother's pregnancy was when you three arrived."
            "Oh No!!"  I snap  "I'm not having it!!  I saw how tiny I was and the state I was in!!  Tubes and wires everywhere - I'm not having it!!"
            "Tap, you don't get a lot of choice in the matter - babies come when they want to."  he sits laughing at me  "Nature makes it that way.  With there being four babies, the womb will stretch to a size where it will automatically start the contractions - your babies will come around the 32 mark whether you want them to or not.  It is natural with quads."  he continues to chuckle

             "You can not judge anything by your own arrival, you was a one off, a little miracle, and half the size you should have been, a lot smaller than your brother and sister.  They left the baby unit a good three months before you did - maybe it is the photographs of them that you should be taking a look at, not your own."  he smiles at me  "Yes your babies will have to spend some time in the baby unit, because of them coming at 32 weeks and being four they will be smaller - but there is really nothing to panic over.  I doubt they will be anything like you were when you arrived."
             "Why was I different?"
             "We don't know, it just happens sometimes.  We suspect you might even have been conceived later than the other two."  he laughs  "We nearly missed you on the first scan because of your size and you was hiding behind Coral, she basically sat on you the whole time."
             "Typical, it would have to be her!!"  I snap and he laughs
             "When we did your Mothers first scan, you was already at a disadvantage, while Mo and Coral were normal size for triplets, you weren't anywhere near .... your babies are all the same and the perfect size for quads ... so you don't have to worry about any of them being like you were."

He sits quietly watching me for a moment.  While he is probably watching me to see if I am going to get upset and blow, my mind has suddenly flown off to Scarlet.

Now is probably the best time to get this out in the open with him.

            "How far gone is Scarlet?"
            "She has just hit week 40."  he frowns at me  "Why?"
            "So she could be having the baby any time now."
            "Yeah, I'm actually surprised the baby isn't already here yet."  he frowns at me
            "Oh."  I mumble, thinking this is bad timing, we really could do without the hassle that is coming right at this moment on top of what is already happening.
            "Why don't I like that look on your face suddenly."
            "Probably because I need to tell you something, before the baby arrives, that you are really not going to like"  I pull a face which makes him really frown at me
             "Go on."
             "When the baby is born ... it will probably cause one hell of a massive fall out and explosion within the extended family because of stray colouring."
             "Why?"  his eyebrows fly up  "Please tell me you are not going to tell me that the baby is not Cinnamons and one of you kids have been where you shouldn't have been AGAIN?!"  his eyes widen as he starts to throw his arms about and get all stressy  "Tap ... tell me you haven't!!"
             "No!!"  I start howling at him even asking if it is me.  "Honey and Crystal are the only places I've been."  I carry on laughing  "It is actually one of you oldies that have been trespassing this time!!"

             "Well I can tell you now ... it definitely isn't me!!"
             "Oh berry ... perish the thought ... I think I would have battered you by now if it was you!!"  I start howling at him  "I know you and Cosmic are the only two that never rode the school bike!!"
             "Tap this isn't funny!!"  he pulls a face  "You need to spit it out!  Please tell me we haven't got another Coral and Gravel going on and Scarlet is messing about with an older man?"
             "No, its not actually Scarlet who's been playing away, it's Ruby."  I laugh quietly  "Scarlet does not even know herself ... but Sunny was not her biologoical Father."
             "And how would you even know that Tap?"
             "Cosmic, Storm and Sunny have told me from the other side."  I smirk as he rolls his eyes.  "Sunny found out she was not his daughter when she was six - he found out because of something you had told him about parent and child blood groups.  Scarlet doesn't have his or Ruby's blood group."
            "Oh Berry ... I can't believe he knew all that time and never said anything to me!"  he laughs quietly  "I knew when she was born she couldn't be Sunny's, but Ruby wouldn't even admit it to me and I have just had to keep it to myself.  Over the years I have actually virtually forgotten about it because all I can see in Scarlet is Ruby."  his eyes widen  "So did Sunny know who Scarlet's Father is?"
            "Sunny never knew while he was alive who Scarlet's Dad was, Ruby would never tell him.  Ruby has never told Scarlet's Dad either, he is totally oblivious, he has been walking around not even knowing she is his daughter!!"  his eyes widen and I laugh  "But Sunny knows who he is now, and he is hopping mad!!"

            "How does he know now?"  he frowns at me
            "Well obviously Cosmic has told him."  I laugh at him  "Jazz and all the spirits know who Scarlet's Dad is, so they have told me."
            "How do they know, when Sunny and the real Dad didn't?"
            "Ruby decided to unburden her guilty conscience while she was sat at Cosmic's grave ... she didn't realise Cosmic's spirit was actually sat there listening to her."  this makes Dad laugh  "Cosmic knew who he was before Scarlet was even born, he expected it to all kick off when she was born, but obviously being all red nobody could tell and Ruby got away with it.  Scarlet's baby could give the game away."
            "Oh Berry ... here we go again!"  he mumbles  "I guess I'm the one who is going to have to clean up all the fall out."
            "Yeah ... Sunny wants me to pre warn you because if Scarlet's baby has any of her own Dad's colour ... it is seriously going to kick off big time, and he thinks everyone is going to give Scarlet hell and it is not actually her fault - she is oblivious like the rest of us.  There is not even a way to soften the blow, all we can do is stop the confusion of the stray colour by telling them its Ruby who has been playing away and not Scarlet, and who Scarlet's real Dad is."  I pull faces at him

            "Maybe I should go and see Ruby now and get her to do the right thing, this really isn't fair on Scarlet."
            "No, trust me you don't want to go opening this can of worm unless it actually happens and the baby does have stray colouring.  If it doesn't happen they really don't need to know to save them from the heartache .... Caramel, Alpine, the three kids and Scarlet are especially going to get really upset by it ... it is probably going to destroy them, because of who he is."
            "DON'T!!"  his eyes widen  "You are going to tell me it is Forrest aren't you!!"
            "No, it is not Forrest."  I laugh  "He is far worse ... in a way I wish it was Forrest because it probably wouldn't be half so bad for them to take if it was Forrest!"
            "Who on earth could be worse than Forrest."  he frowns then his eyes nearly pop out of his head  "ALPINE!"
            "Hell no!!  Do you think Cosmic would have let Cinnamon and Scarlet get together if it had been Alpine."

I stare down at my hands which I am wringing in my lap ... I am really not looking forward to saying his name or watching how Dad will react to it.

            "Come on Tap ... spit it out ... who is he?"

I just stare at him for a moment, before I take a deep breath and mumble his name.


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