Sunday, 11 August 2013

Chapter 6 - part 2 - Gen 2 - Tapestry


I start to drift out of a peaceful sleep, at first as I am slowly waking up I can smell a familiar perfume that I recognize, but I am a little confused, not knowing or remembering where I am.  As soon as I open my eyes the first thing I see is Honey sleeping next to me, and I realise we are in her room, so I just lie there for a moment watching her sleeping while my mind falls into place.

Oh Berry!!!

Then it all starts coming back to me.

I sit up quickly, the shock setting in as my mind starts replaying the sexual adventure we had together before we both fell asleep.  Oh Berry!!!  What have I done!!  I am not even sure I know how I feel about this, I've never even imagined kissing my best friend before, let alone going all the way with her ..... fudge!! ...... we have crossed over to the other side and it's not like we can take it back and pretend it never happened!!

What worries me is that this is definitely going to change everything between us, I just hope I am not going to lose my best friend because of this.  For all I know she might wake up and hate what we've done ..... no .... she told me she loves me .... somehow I don't think she will ..... it's going to be me who spoils everything.  After losing Storm I'm not sure I can cope with losing her too.

I lie there watching her sleeping soundly while I'm trying to work out how I feel.  I am taking in every inch of her face like I've never seen it before, how have I never noticed just how beautiful she is?!  I'm playing with her hair and I run my finger down her face but it doesn't wake her up.  Still replaying things in my mind I'm a little freaked out by the way she had made me feel.  How can one kiss change everything?!  I think I know already that my feelings for her have completely changed.  She was right under my nose all this time and I didn't even know it!!!  I gently brush the hair away that is covering her eyes and kiss her face a few times. 

Fudge!!  I quickly look around the room a little panicked, I wander how long we have been asleep? How has nobody walked in and found us like this, this house is usually pretty manic with six teenagers living in it.  We could have gotten ourselves into serious trouble, especially with Honey's Dad, Sunny would go ballistic at us if he saw us like this!!

I gently shook her and kissed her face in an attempt to wake her, she starts to stir straight away.  "Honey you need to wake up!!"  I watch her lips curl up into a smile.  Slowly she opens her eyes and just stares up at me for a moment before her smile widens and she says quite cheerfully   "Hiya"  which really makes me laugh, I don't know what I expected her to say when she opened her eyes, but 'Hiya' wasn't it.

"We need to get dressed before someone catches us!!"  I say to her as I try to move off the bed.

"Not so fast!!"  she says as she quickly jumps on top of me pinning me down.  "I need to ask you something .......... Fern?!"  She is hovering above me watching the expression on my face.  Fern, I had not even given her a thought, heck!!  "You are going to dump her ... right?!"

"Yes ..... if that's what you want."  she sat up straight, she is now sitting on my legs and she pulls a face and crosses her arms, I've gone and said the wrong thing I can tell by the expression on her face.

"If I want!!  Does that mean you don't want?!"  she looks upset

"Yes I want to .. I'll dump her the first chance I get ...... I just wasn't sure what you wanted ........ you know you might have changed your mind about me after ......."

"Don't be silly!!"  she says, the smile is back on her face again  "So I'm your girlfriend now then?!"

"Yes if you are mad enough to want to be!!"  I hardly managed to get the words out of my mouth before she is kissing me.

"Do you know I have been waiting since I was six years old to be your girlfriend!!"  she says smiling at me when she stops kissing me and comes up for air.  I start laughing thinking she is joking.

She slapped my arm  "It's not funny Tapestry!!  I am being serious!!!"

I suddenly got a picture in my head of the little girl I used to dance with and who used to keep hugging me all the time.

This made me start laughing even more.

"Well you might have told me, even a little hint would have been nice!!"  I say to her as I move her to one side so that I can get up off the bed, this time she doesn't stop me.

"So if I had told you at anytime you would have asked me out?"  she asks me sounding a little surprised.

"No ...... I wouldn't have spent all those miserable years from the age of six worrying that I'd never ever get a girlfriend!!"

"You Git!!!"  she says as she starts whacking me again, I grab hold of her and pull her towards me and start kissing her.  I love the way kissing her makes me feel, why the hell didn't we do this years ago?  Think of all the time we have wasted.

"Well you two are .... UNBELIEVABLE!!!"


I literally dropped Honey with the shock of hearing Strawberry speaking.  I hadn't heard her enter the room and I don't think Honey had either.  I glanced over at the bedroom door and it is closed, I don't know how she has come in without either of us hearing her, I wander for a moment if she didn't come in while we were sleeping .... no we would have noticed her sat there.

"While it's nice to see you two FINALLY get your act together....... your timing FUDGING STINKS!!!"   Strawberry is almost shouting at us  "Tapestry you are a TOTAL CRETIN!!!"

I whispered quietly to Honey  "I don't think your sister is very happy with me!!"  to which Honey starts giggling.

Strawberry dives off the desk from where she had been sitting, she looks far from amused at Honey giggling her head off.  "Honey this is not even funny - how could you?? - you are disgusting!!"

"Like I've never caught you and Parsley doing things you shouldn't - Straw I've lost count of the times I've walked in on you two so what is your problem??!!"  Honey snaps at her sister the smile has now gone off her face too.

"You are unreal!!!"  she snaps  "Storm is hardly cold and you too are ..... Huh!! ..... you are disgusting!!"

Strawberry starts to go ballistic at the pair of us.

I try to shut her yelling out of my head, I can understand why she is angry, our timing really does stink I know, today of all days so soon after Storm ...... she doesn't have to shout at us or even say anything to make me feel bad.  She carries on yelling and she seems to have it in for me in particular, I think she can see I'm not listening and she pushes me to get my attention.

"Tapestry why do you always have to be such an ignorant moron!!!!" she snaps at me, any chance she can get to attack me she does, she has never really liked me and the feeling has always been mutual, she and Honey might be twins but they are absolutely nothing alike, Strawberry always riles me up.   "Do you even know the problems that you cause everyone all of the time?!"  she is up in my face now, I can see how angry she is getting  "Do you know what is going on right now because of you .... do you??!!"

"No .....What?"   but I guess she is about to tell me!!

"Everyone has been out looking for you AGAIN - like they don't already have enough to contend with."  She pushes me again  "You are a total jerk - Parsley told me all about your performance at the hospital, then you go and do a runner,  your Dad is running out of excuses that he can make for you - still he's going off his head looking for you - even Prelude ..... for berry's sake ..... is out looking for you - they are scared for your safety and you just don't give a shit about the upset you are causing do you!!??."

"Today should be about Storm, but no, as always it all about you!!!!   You are a total Berry Hole Tapestry and I don't know how you live with yourself!!"

I lost it for a moment, I let my tongue fly lose and I gave her a mouthful of verbal abuse before I start to stomp around the bedroom picking up my clothes I just wanted to get dressed so that I could get out of there.

When people critisis me I always start playing over in my head what they have been saying, which is no different now with what Strawberry has just yelled at me.  I have NO CHOICE but to live with myself - they all forget sometimes - my brain is broken and it doesn't work like everyone else's - I didn't chose to be the way that I am - I don't chose to do the things I do - I can't help it sometimes - I HATE being me - I'll never be normal and do everything perfectly - they don't have a clue how it feels to be me!!

While Strawberry starts ripping shreds out of Honey I quickly start getting dressed but I can't find my hat anywhere which is irritating me, I feel naked without my hat, then I hear what Strawberry is saying to Honey and I am getting very close to losing it completely, she is slagging me off like I am not in the room listening to what she is saying about me.

"Anyway Honey, he already has a girlfriend remember - Fern -  you watch the moron will be off with HER later!!"  she shouts at her sister  "He probably has only just used you for sex, it won't have meant anything to him - he doesn't care about anyone but himself, I seriously don't know what either of you see in him - he's an idiot and a berry hole!!"

Honey walks off in tears and starts getting dressed.

"Wind your neck in bitch!!  I have so not just used her!!!!"  I rared at her  "Yes I do have a girlfriend already, and Honey knows I am going to dump her the first chance I get - so but out and keep your stupid thoughts to yourself!!"

"You just make sure you do dump her, or I'm coming after you!!  Mess Honey about and it won't just be me coming after you!!!"

"Why all the yelling??"   Carmine walks into the bedroom

"Your sister, she's just having a hissy fit!!"  I cut my eyes at Strawberry hoping she is not going to tell him why she is having a hissy fit, if Carmine find's out what me and Honey have been up to while I have a girlfriend, he's likely to deck me, he's likely to think I'm just using Honey like Strawberry does..

"Huh!  Girls - Don't they always .... anyway Tapestry - you're just the man, we need you!!"  he says smiling at me, totally ignoring his sister, I'm glad he isn't interested enough to ask why me and Strawberry are having a falling out. 

"What's up?"

"We guessed you would definitely be up for a rumble, Mosaic, Maize and Cinnamon are downstairs - we are going after the Freeze kids!!"  I am a little surprised to hear him say that after what they have done to Storm.

"Oh No you are not!!"  Strawberry starts to protest, Carmine tells her to shut up and doesn't really give her much of chance to say anything else.

"Tap you haven't heard the half of it - its not just Storm - while Forrest and Pine were busy trying to slash up you and Storm - Jade was busy making mincemeat of Fudge and Mosaic, your brother says she fights like a bloke!!, she's smacked Fudge and Mosaic up quite badly."  I remember Storm saying that Jade was a nasty piece of work and has more balls than her two brother, which is quite a frightening thought after experiencing Forrest first hand.  "and you know they have been continuously bullying all of us for being mixed berries since they arrived in town, its about time they get a dose of their own medicine.!!!" 

"So are you in Tap?  We really could do with your help."

I thought about my brother, he's not a fighter, Mosaic against the Freeze boys - he is going to get hurt!!!  "Okay I'm in."

"Before we go there is one thing we need to sort out  ........... Fern ........."   I heard Strawberry start sniggering, she is really beginning to irritate me again.

"What about her?"

"I'm sorry Tap I know she's your girlfriend, but she is a Freeze and if she is there, I'm sorry she is getting it too!!"  I just stood there staring at him, not sure how I feel about what he is saying.  Fern has never really been a problem, she is different to her brothers and sister, she might be a little wild and rebellious but that's it, she hasn't been bullying anyone, I don't think she actually has a mean bone in her body.  "When we say we are going after the Freeze kids, we mean all four of them!!"

I didn't have time to think properly let alone say anything because Carmine turns to Strawberry and says something that I really don't like.  "Juni and Coral are on their way, you know sis you and Honey could also tag along too."  I can't believe what I am hearing and my blood runs cold!!! 

"OH NO!!!! NO WAY!!!!  The girls are NOT coming!!!"   I can't believe that Carmine would seriously let them either!!

"Tap, we need the girls - I'm not comfortable about hitting girls even if they are the Freeze girls!!!"  Carmine is mad - I really don't think he realizes what he is setting himself up for yet, if he knew he definitely wouldn't want to let his sisters get involved in this.

"I'd rather hit the Freeze girls than let my sister, cousin and Honey get involved in this, Carmine you are off your head, you don't know what they are like, they are likely to have weapons, I am definitely not going to let my sister get involved in this!!"

Getting my own way was pretty easy, I told them if they insisted on taking the girls with us then I'd blow their rumble and then none of us would be going.  Waving my phone at them with my Dads number up on the screen soon had them backing down.  It was just going to be us boys who went after the Freeze's.

I did still make a call to my Dad, but only to put his mind and rest and to stop him from searching for me - I told him that I was at Honeys with Mosaic playing video games with Maize and Carmine and we would be home later.  He wasn't happy with me, he wanted me home straight away, but said it was fine as long as I stuck with Mosaic.

Little does he know that is exactly what I'm doing, sticking with Mosaic and we are just about to set out in search of the Freeze kids.

Honey is starting to get upset "Tapestry I don't want you to go, you might get hurt again!!"

"Don't worry I'll be fine!!!  I have to go, I can't just let Mosaic go there alone, he's determined to go after Pine and Forrest so I have to go with him!!" I kissed her quickly  "You just make sure you keep away and don't let Coral or Juniper follow us either!!"

"Come on Tap - it's time to rumble!!"  Mosaic calls me from the bedroom door  "We are waiting for you, hurry up!!"

"Okay, I'm coming!!"



  1. Oh's payback time!! I wonder who is going to get hurt this time? I just know you can't help yourself with the misery you inflict on this

    Just kidding ;-)

    1. LOL - yeah maybe I do need to give them a break - but the colour green just reeks havoc in my head!! ;)

  2. Karma!!! I can not wait for the next chapter!!
    Still cant get over strawberry shouting at tap, it isnt his fault bless his cotton socks!!

    Ps i can comment now woooppp hahaa!! xx

    1. :D you figured it out then!! :) You've made my day - was REALLY surprised to see your comment here!! Sara has given me her nasty bug so I needed cheering up today :)

    2. Yeah i was really stressing out with it then i done it in the end!!
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    3. LOL - yeah Keeley its coming your way I think - its not very nice either - so be prepared and you know John is going to be a right baby if he gets it!!! :)

    4. Gass masks are gunna be out when he comes mine hahaa.. he will get me slaven round for him like iv bin doing for the past 2 days hahaa

  3. Oh dear. They just had a fight with some of the Freeze children, now they're going after them again? Yikes. I wonder what is going to happen with Fern, she does seem to be a little different from her siblings. Oh and I caught up! =)
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    1. Glad to see you have caught up!! I hope you have enjoyed your reading adventure :) Unfortunately Strawberry is one of those that has no patience for Tapestry - they have never gotten along as friends.

  4. Things are getting very complicated very fast for Tapestry. Trouble seems to just follow him around. Now they are seeking out the Freeze kids. Not that they don't deserve it after what happened to Storm but someone is going to get hurt. Things are going from bad to worse!

  5. I can't believe Strawberry. Tap is broken up over it too. He was there when it happen for goodness Sake. She's kinda bitchy. Though I love Honey!
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