Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sorry for the delay!!

I am really sorry for the delay in chapters.

Even thought I do actually have the next two chapters written and virtually ready to go - ive hit a technical problem and I don't have any pictures for the chapters.

My game seems to be throwing a wobble at the moment and I can't work out what is causing it.  I had to bodge the last two chapters pictures because for a while my game hasn't liked my pose file and is quite happy to have it removed while I'm playing.  Ive made a new folder and downloaded new copies of the poses that I use but this hasn't helped much.  Ive also scrapped and downloaded new copies of all the mods I use to see if that helps - but it hasn't.

All of my files seem to have gone belly up - strange things are happening like no school buses, pool cars, maids and repairmen don't turn up, and everytime I go into my files the game has messed with family trees - berry knows why but it keeps disconnecting the tree and adding random sims into the mix.  For example - Last night when I opened my rainbow file determined to get some pictures out of it, I gave up straight away because Sunny had strangely become Lillys brother - so I now have Honey and Tapestry showing as cousins and unable to interact romantically - lol - I have to laugh or else I'll cry!!  After putting the family tree straight - neither of their romantic interactions returned - so I'm stuck with my main two characters at the moment broken.  It also keeps messing around with ages - so I'm constantly fighting to put the file straight to play it and it's becoming a total nightmare.

Even though Ive got back ups everywhere - as soon as I put a fresh copy of the back up into the game it messess about with it in one way or another - so at the moment I'm stumped.  So if anyone has any ideas about how to fix all the strangeness - I'd love to hear it!!

So I'm now on a mission to build a completely new rainbow file. (rolls eyes) as I've started a perfect genetics file recently and that file is the only one that the game is leaving alone - so I am guessing something has gone on in my game that has messed up all my existing files and new ones are going to be fine (I HOPE!!)

In the mean time - I'm working on BODGING some pictures together - (so if the pictures don't quite connect to the chapter you'll have to forgive me) just so that I can get the next chapter out sooner rather than later.

Hopefully everything will be back on track very soon!!

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  1. Oh that sucks that your game is being dumb!

    I had to do a clean folder install on mine and trying to find all the stuff I had in there in simpacks is proving to be a nightmare!! I actually did cry because I have so many saves that will be screwed.....Primrose and Rocky's Life especially............if I cannot find everything or at least most of it. I refuse to open their saves until I get most or all of it back because I know that it will screw something up if I don't.

    So I guess long story feel your pain!