Monday, 31 October 2016

Chapter 52 - Gen 2 - Tapestry

I stand in the doorway watching Atlas happily playing with Vanilla and Snow.  I laugh at him lying on the floor while Vanilla and Snow are bouncing all over him, all three of them having hysterics.  The toddlers are trying to tickle Atlas, but they are the ones getting tickled.  I stand watching, worrying about the stitches in Vanilla's head, thinking maybe she shouldn't be bouncing around so much, in case she catches them.

Atlas really loves children, him and Saffron are always phoning up to ask if they can pinch both Vanilla and Snow for a few hours, and I know how much Atlas has always wanted children of his own, but it has never happened for him even though he is bisexual, and it will never happen for him now that he is with Saffron, their relationship looks like it is very much for keeps.  It's ashame they won't be having children of their own, because I think Atlas and Saffron would make really good parents, much better than some who do have their own children and really don't deserve them because of the way they have treated them - Crystals parents being the perfect example.

Atlas volunteered to watch the kids, and made a beeline for down here, when we got back from the undertakers.   He would much rather be down here playing with Vanilla and Snow than sat upstairs with Saffron while there is a serious conversation going on about Daffodil Shines future, which as usual, my Dad is sorting out.  I seriously can't stop laughing at Crystal's Mothers name ... Daffodil!!

Finding out that Sunny was Jasmine's Berry Father got my head seriously ticking.  Not being a religious family, christenings are not something that I've really seen much of growing up, I vaguely remember Blueberry having one but I was not very old, so I didn't really understand it.  I asked my Mother recently to explain them to me and was very surprised to learn that we were christened, and have berry parents.  When I asked Mom what was even the point of us being christened if none of us are religious, she said it was basically their way of saying who they would want looking after us if anything had ever happened to her and Dad and they couldn't be here for us while we were growing up.  That has seriously played on my mind since because of my own fears.

With all the vampberry stuff going on, and especially Sunny's premature fading, by a vampberry, I worry that my own mortal life is never safe, and more than likely will be cut short because of the immortal world that I am tangled up in.   I know if the originals ever get wind of me, Crystal, Shadow or even Vanilla - we are basically done for, and I will have to continue my existence in either vampberry or spirt form.   At any time they could stumble across Shadow in the den and if they take him, I know I won't be able to sit back and keep myself hidden and not get involved in trying to save him from them to get my Son back, which inevitably will end my mortal life.  So I worry about Vanilla, Snow and the baby or babies growing inside Crystal ... what is going to happen to them?!

With this playing on my mind, me and Crystal have had a conversation about getting the children christened, and who we would want for their berry parents, to make sure there is someone in place to look after them if the worst comes to the worst.  I know that is not a worry that I really should have, we have plenty of family who will always take care of them,but it makes me feel a lot better knowing who they will end up with.  Saffron and Atlas were both mine and Crystals first choice.   Crystal made me laugh, she said why go to all that effort of getting them christened, when religion is something that we don't really believe in ... why not just ask them!  I guess she does have a point, but how do you ask anyone that question.

As I continue to watch Vanilla, while my head should be concentrating on what is going on upstairs, my mind keeps wandering to somewhere I don't want it to go.  Seeing Bay here when we got back from the undertakers, has really distracted me and keeps sending my head going off in his direction.

My mind is taken away from all Sunny's rubbish, work and everything else that is going on, and I start to think about two extended family secrets that Storm has told me about, that are going to rock the foundations of the extended family when they come out.  Bayleaf is going to be in the centre of both explosions, and I am really worried for him.

Storm shouldn't have told me yet, not until all the Sunny rubbish was out of the way, Cosmic and Saffy were angry with him for filling my head up with stuff I really could do without knowing right now.  I suddenly find myself knowing things and having to do things, that I would much rather be oblivious to, thanks to the spirits who see and hear everything and are now using me to clean things up, which really doesn't amuse me in the slightest.

One of the secrets ironically I bumped into myself, only hours after Storm had filled my head with it.  So I would have known about it now anyway, Storm just softened the blow for me, pre warning me.  It was late at night and I was making my way back from the den.  I was with Cosmic and Jazz who was on town patrol, due to the stray vampberry's that keep coming into town, because they think that the Sugar Valley den has now been abandoned and the town is free picking for their meals.   Cos was walking me back just to be on the safe side.  Jazz went off sticking to cover, through the cemetery, while me and Cos walked the road way.  We cut through an alley way, and I bumped straight into a kissing couple.  If Storm hadn't already told me about them, I would have been very shocked, not only seeing Forrest actually kissing a woman, quite enthusiastically, but who he was kissing.  Cosmic found it highly amusing, me catching them, even though he is not impressed with what is going on with them.  

Ruby and Sunny's secret is the one that is worrying me most, it's the one that is going to cause the most damage and something that can not be stopped or avoided.  Everyone is going to be very shocked, and there is bound to be a lot of deconstruction when they find out who Scarlet's biological Father is and she is not Sunny's child.  I am preying that her baby does not come out with any of his colouring, which will delay the inevitable, what they don't know, can't hurt them.  If the baby does have any of his or his families colouring, the fall out is not going to be pretty, especially for Bay and his family, and really there isn't a damn thing that I can do to even help soften the blow!!

      "Hello ... Earth to the Rock Star!!"

River is laughing as he is shaking me to bring my head back to reality.  So deep in thought I hadn't even heard the door opening.

      "Have you gone completely deaf or have you just zoned out?!"  he frowns at me  "I've stood here and called you a few times and you are obviously away in your own little inattentive world!!"
      "Before you even ask - YES I have taken my meds - my head is just very busy, I was miles away thinking!"
      "Who is the old lady upstairs talking to Elderberry, Crimson, Saffron and Dad?"  River asks as he pulls me out into the hallway.
      "Daffodil Shine, she is Crystal's Mom."  I can't help but laugh at her name again, I really don't know why it tickles me so much.  "She is leaving her evil husband and staying here, so she can get to know Crystal, the mixed berry Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren that her evil husband would never let her have anything to do with."  his eyes widen  "I've just left Dad to sort it all out, while I check on Crystal and the kids.  I'm scared of putting my foot in it and saying something I shouldn't."
      "Evil husband?!  Has something been going on?  With El and Crimson upstairs - I thought I saw El taking notes, it looks very official."
      "Yeah, it has turned into a police matter."
      "Crystal has a twin sister .."
      "What?!  Where is she?"  I laugh at him for interrupting
      "Crystals Father buried her in Rainbow woods, trying to hide the babies existence."  his eyes widen  "She was colourless like Crystal, and faded when she was born, Magnolia is her name and not Crystal's like we thought.  Sunny thought Magnolia Crystal Shine was one baby, but the old man put both babies names on the one headstone."  I roll my eyes  "Sunny, Saffy, Crystal and their Mother, want the remains dug up and moved to the cemetery."
      "They want the remains exhumed  ... not dug up!"  he starts laughing at me, then stops suddenly  "Oh berry!!  Did the Dad fade Magnolia?"
      "Possibly, he could have been responsible for the baby fading, he beat the Mother up pretty badly straight after Crystal was born colourless, after that, the second baby was born faded, Saffy thinks he did it repeatedly punching her in the stomach, before she was born."  I frown at him  "I guess that is something that we will never really know."
      "Not necessarily, forensics could possibly determine a cause of death just from the babies bones.  Say it's skull or other bones are badly smashed or fractured, they could well put it down to him."  he laughs "  but it's been nearly thirty years, so I doubt they will find much of the remains.   If the baby had been buried in a coffin it would take between forty and fifty years for the bones to start decomposing, so there would still be a skeleton to work on, however I suspect that baby was probably just buried in the bare soil hurriedly if he was trying to hide her existance, so it's bones have probably pretty much dispersed and disintegrated by now."

      "Saffy told me he wrapped the baby in a blanket and buried it in a leather sports bag."
      "Oh well, that makes a huge difference, that babies skeleton should still be intact, even though the bones probably are dry and brittle by now, leather takes 25 - 50 years to decompose, so forensics should still have something to work with."
      "How do you know all this stuff you geek!"  I laugh at him
      "Archaeology fascinates me and the Forensic branch of medicine is my passion.  Dad keeps trying to drag me into Neurology, but it doesn't interest me."  he grins  "If El is building up a case to exhume the babies remains, I think I'm going to ask her if I can get involved in a medical capacity ... this is right up my street."
     "Freak!!"  I laugh at him  "Well you might just get your wish, because Crimson has a bee in his bonnet, he wants the old man done for everything he can take him down for, including being responsible for that baby fading."  I roll my eyes  "He has physically abused and bullied that old woman for over thirty years, she is actually covered in bruises right now.  You know the berry hole told the old lady he had faded Crystal and buried both babies in the woods, so she has believed all this time that Crystal was faded. "  I glance at River glumly "Now I see, with that evil man as his role model, it's no wander Sunny was the way he was, a berry hole and always too handy with his fists, Saffron wasn't bruise free from the age of fourteen, until Granite and Mace put a stop to it."
      "It's disgusting!!"  he snaps  "So I guess they will be digging up Rainbow woods trying to find the babies remains."
      "That's the thing, I know exactly which tree and where it is, but I can't tell them can I.  The old man buried the baby under the tree that Sunny's twin brother fell out of.  Crystal showed me the tree, she used to put flowers there for Saffy, and Saffy has told me exactly where under the tree that the baby is buried."  I laugh  "But how do I tell the police that?  They aren't going to believe me when I say a spirit has told me where the body is and the same goes for Crystal, aren't they going to get suspicious about how she even knows about this tree, she can't say a spirit told her either."

     "Yeah, it is a little tricky."  he laughs  "Surely the old lady knows which tree Saffy fell out of?"
     "She doesn't think she can even find it now, it's been over twenty years since she has been out to Amber Meadow, he would never let her go, not even to put flowers on Saffy's grave."
     "I'll have to think about it."  he frowns at me  "Is this tree easy to find?"
     "Pretty much, it's right on the edge of Rainbow woods, by one of the Amber Meadow fields that back onto the woods.  The tree is not too far from the den where Crystal lived.  I could take you straight to it." I laugh  "I can understand why the old lady might struggle to find it if she's only gone to it from the Amber Meadow fields side - all she would see is a massive row of trees.  Whereas, its easy to find if you go from the wood side."  I laugh  "Crystal has literally worn a path out from the den to the tree over the years, walking to and from it so much."
     "It might look too suspicious for you to show them anyway, why would you know your way through Rainbow woods when you only go out there for work.  The woods are not really a place that you and Rocky would be hanging out."  he laughs for a moment then frowns  "Forensically it would be better if they knew exactly where they were looking - they could well destroy the remains while they are looking for them, which could be disastrous."
     "I know, its giving me a headache already!"
     "Don't worry about it, we'll think of something."  he laughs "Where is Crystal?"
      "Maize is working overtime, so Poppy is still here, Atlas is watching our two, so Crystal has gone for a lie down while Poppy is asleep.  She is upset.  Her parents turning up at the undertakers upset her, but it was her Dad mostly, and it all kicked off.  She was not up to speaking to her Mother straight away when we got back, and I needed to keep her away from Crimson and El anyway, just in case she says something stupid."  I laugh  "I've already had Crimson asking me AGAIN how Crystal got from Amber Meadow to here.  I get a nasty feeling the abduction might be coming back to bite us!!"
     "I told you bringing her back with us was too big a risk to take!!"  he frowns at me  "Just keep yourself and Crystal out of it until I've had a word with Dad.  We just keep sticking to the same story we used before - she travelled on foot from town to town for most of her life, it was just a coincidence she ended up here."

There is an awkward silience for a moment, I think he knows he has upset me by what he just said about bringing her back.

      "I'm sorry I know I shouldn't have said that!!"  he says sheepisly  "I'm also sorry about Vanilla's head, I tried to stop him but I wasn't quick enough!"
      "It's okay, they are kids, it happens.  It is only a cut thankfully or I wouldn't have been too impressed!"  I smile at him  "It's not like Vanilla hasn't given Ocean a bruise or two before now, and I can't say much can I when everyone my age in the extended family walks around with Tappy Terror bite mark scars."  we both laugh for a moment
      "I really don't know what has gotten into Ocean lately, Winter has had to take him into the upstairs nursery, because after he attacked Vanilla, he bit a chunk out of Magnolia, which didn't impress Affair and Cherry very much when they came to collect the triplets!!"  he tuts  "It's funny you mentioning your bite marks, Affair showed me his scar and said lets hope he is not going to turn out like you."  this makes me laugh  "I don't understand why there is so much anx going on between Ocean, Vanilla and Magnolia?!"
      "It is strange, I've noticed it too.  He is best buddies with Snow and he's okay with all the others - but not with the two spirit seeing toddlers ... I wandering if that has something to do with it."
      "It might do, he does have to sit watching them talking to your spirits, he could be getting frustrated because he can't understand what is going on."  he laughs  "Talking about spirit seeing toddlers ... you need to turn your phone on, Shadow is driving me cuckoo!"  I laugh at him  "Ten calls I've had from the little monkey while you have been at the undertakers.  I told you not to buy him that phone - I hope you are prepared for the huge phone bills that you have coming!!"
     "He'll calm down, he's just a kid with a new toy right now."  I laugh at him  "I'll have a word with him."  I frown at him  "Why did he keep phoning that much."
     "Mostly to ask why your phone is still switched off and if you are back yet."  he laughs  "Anyway, why is your phone unusually switched off?" he starts frowning at me.
     "Everyone is pecking my head, I just need a break from it, I can't concentrate with all this stuff going on around Crystals parents."  I smile at him  "Also I was at the undertakers, it wouldn't have been nice for my phone to be constantly going off, especially as I had to keep my eye on Mom, I couldn't leave her alone to slip out to take calls, because Crystal spent most of her time in the toilets throwing up."
     "Who is everyone?
     "Just work and  ... stuff."

     "Stuff!!  Mmm, I thought as much!  I've been watching you since Sunny faded, you have got something else going on haven't you ... so what is this stuff, that is so obviously bothering and distracting you!"
      "Nothing for you to worry about."
      "Really?!"  he raises his eyebrows  "I've already spotted you and Mace suddenly seem to be best buddies, you are always talking to him on the phone, and Forrest, you've been talking to him a lot lately too, he was round here looking for you earlier, by the way."  I look at him and laugh  "You've also had a kick off and fallen out with Mo too, what is going on there?"
       "Trust me you don't want to know what Mo has been up to - you might just batter him, he is as bad a bloody Coral!!"
       "Tell me!"  he snaps  "Has he been playing away?"  I look away for a moment, I gave it away saying he was as bad as Coral. I'm an idiot sometimes!  But I guess if we are talking about Mo it might take his mind off Mace and Forrest.  "Has he?"
       "Yeah"  I mumble  "He's a bloody idiot, he's lucky to even have Fudge, everyone has always told him she is well too fit and out of his league!  He says he loves Fudge, so I seriously don't understand why he would risk his relationship, or even want to go anywhere else!!  You'd think he'd learn from Maizies stupidity wouldn't you, he lost Juni doing exactly what Mo is doing now ... and I'm supposed to be the idiot round here!!"
        "Yeah well I think in that respect me, you and Dad think in the same way, we know what being faithful means, whereas Mo and Coral obviously don't!!"  he laughs sarcastically  "I'm going to kill him!!" he snaps   "Who is she?"
        "Do you really need to know?  Isn't just knowing he is doing it enough?"
        "No, I want to know, I can't go having a go at him if I don't know the facts!!  I need to talk some sense into the idiot before he messes his life up and loses Fudge - for berry sake how old is that baby!! "
        "Just please don't tell Dad!!  You know what he's like, he'll go kicking off all over the place and cause even more trouble - and you are not to say anything to her either, keep it to yourself, the last thing we need is Fudge finding out ... just Mo!!"  I stare at him for a moment
         "I'm not stupid, I'm only going to have a go at Mo."  he laughs at me  "So come on who is she?"
         "He's been riding the red bike like virtually every other straight guy in town."

        "No, he rode that bike once years ago when she was with Parsley.  I'm on about the older version, which he seems to prefer riding."
        "Ruby ... "  he frowns at me and I nod  "Sod off!!"  he laughs
        "I'm not joking!! He must seriously be off his head, he's got to know he's not the only one, she's the same age as Mom and that woman is seriously a dirty slut!!  If Dad ever finds out he'll hit the roof, you know what he thought about Coral and Gravel!!"
        "How did you find out, did you catch them?"
         "No, I've been in her head and seen them all, and not just Mo.  Honestly there are only a few of us who haven't been there!"  I laugh  "Now I know why Sunny was permanently paranoid and constantly called her 'that woman' and 'the slut'!  Seriously Straw, Coral and Ruby need kicking out of town before they wreck all of our lives!!""
        "How did you get to be in her head?"  he frowns at me suspiciously
        "Don't even think I've been remotely tempted to go there!! I'll do to her what I did to Strawberry if she even tries it with me!!"  I laugh at him  "I was arguing with her, she wanted Sunny buried here, not in Amber Meadow, where he requested to be laid to rest in his will.  She was planning to ignore his will"  I smile at him  "She got up in my face yelling at me, you know what she is like, so I decided to give her a headache."  I smirk at him.  "Only it was me who got the headache, seeing who she's been sleeping with!"
       "I'll have a word with Mosaic, and try to talk some sense into him!!"  he frowns at me  "So what is going on with Mace and Forrest, why suddenly do you seem over pally with those two as well as very distracted?"
       "No reason ..."  I mumble.  I laugh in my head, I guessed I wouldn't get away with it, he's back onto the subject of Mace and Forrest.
       "I hope you are not getting yourself mixed up in the Granite, Mace, Forrest rigmarole!!"
       "No!!  That's all sorted anyway if you didn't already know, Granite is marrying Mace once his and Forrest's divorce comes through."  I laugh at him as his eyes nearly pop out of his head.  "I've just got to know Mace lately, Forrest talks shit and Mace is actually a really nice guy ... we have been talking about him doing some artwork for an album cover, that's all it is."
      "So what does Forrest want you for?"
      "How the hell am I supposed to know, I wasn't here to find out was I."  I lie to him

I am saved from his interrogation when Winter calls River upstairs.  I stand laughing for a moment, although I really don't know why, because all the stuff that is going on and troubling me, is really nothing to laugh about, and way too much for my head to handle all at once.

I pop my head into check that Atlas is okay with the kids,  I tell him I'll be in to rescue him after I've made a few phone calls, which he was fine with.  I laugh seeing Snow fast asleep on the couch while he is sat reading a book to Vanilla.

I go back out into the hallway, I know I'm safe making calls there, because I can see anyone coming down the basement steps.  I turn on my phone, planning to phone Mustard, and I am bombarded with what I presume are missed calls.  The phone had only been on for a few seconds when it starts to ring ...  the ring tone that I had River set for Shadow, so I know that it is him calling, this makes me laugh.  I answer the phone but don't speak, and just stand listening to the silence.  I am testing him, he knows not to speak until I have spoken and he knows it is actually me answering my phone.

      "Speak!"  I say after a few minutes of silence
      "Dad, where have you been?!"  he says dramatically
      "I told you where I was going, to the undertakers with your Grandma."  I laugh at him
      "When are you coming, nobody has been to see me today?"
      "I did warn you, we were all going to be busy today!"  I laugh at him  "I will try to come and see you later, but I can't promise, Cystal's Mom has come to visit and I might not be able to get away.  If not I will come in the morning."  he starts grumbling  "You need to lay off all the phone calls too!!"  I laugh at him  "You have given River a headache phoning him twenty thousand times."
      "Actually it was only ten times, he needs to learn how to count!!"  I laugh at the tone in his voice, and that both River and Shadow were counting how many calls he made  "When you come later, can you bring me some more coke."
       "I got you two big bottles of coke yesterday, what have you done with it all?"
       "Drank it."  he giggles
       "You drink way too much coke!!"
       "You sound just like Grangy Mango, and like I told him, vampy teeth don't rot like mortal teeth, so it doesn't matter how much coke I drink or how many sweets I eat."  he starts laughing hysterically  "He only brought me a toothbrush and toothpaste when he did the shopping yesterday and showed me how to use them!!"

        "Yes, because you are eating like a mortal, so you need to brush your teeth!!"  I laugh at him  "You will still get food stuck in your vampy teeth, so you need to start brushing them!  Don't think you are kissing me when you have smelly breath!"  this makes him laugh
        "Like you don't kiss me when you have been smoking!!  You stink and I hope you are not smoking wacky baccy!!"
        "Okay you cheeky monkey, less of your lip, I'm supposed to be the adult here!!"  I laugh at him
        "I only asked because I read in a magazine about the high life you rock star's live - you know - sex, drugs and alcohol."
        "You should be reading baby comics not adult magazines!"  I laugh at him  "Not all rock stars live the high life,  I certainly don't and I'm not smoking wacky backy, as it goes!"  
        "Good!"  he laughs  "So you are bringing me some coke later.  I really don't like the juice that Grangy brought, Tap water tastes yakky and I'm thirsty!"
        "Aww you are so hard done by!!  You don't even need to drink do you mr vampy!!"
        "But I like too ... I'll dehydrate if I don't get a drink soon!!"  he giggles
         "You are impossible!"  I laugh at him.  "Okay, I'll bring your coke just to shut you up!"  I laugh at him as he starts cheering
        "When?  What time?"
        "It will probably be late before I can get out, and don't be surprised if I just pop in for a short time.   I'm warning you, I don't want you phoning me every five minutes asking me when I'm coming.  You know what I've told you, I'll confiscate your phone if you start being stupid with it!!  I will phone you later okay!"
        "Okay."  he mumbles
        "Now I have got to go.  I have a few things that I have to do, and the quicker I can do them, the quicker I can sneak out to see you!"

We end the call, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  He is just a toddler, and the difference between him and Vanilla is miles apart.  Vanilla is still just a toddler, in every way, whereas Shadow is almost like an adult in a child's body, the conversations I have with Shadow, are nothing like the ones I have with Vanilla.  I really hate this situation, especially that he is a vampberry and he can't be here with Vanilla.

I stare at my phone, struggling to work out which number is Mustards.  Storm is never here when I need him. 

After phoning Mosaic and Mint, I finally find Mustard, sometimes I really hate not being able to read.  I bet everyone gets sick of me phoning them by accident because I am too stupid to read a complete name.

       "Hi, how are you doing?"
       "Not good, my head is all over the place.  I'm still not over Tami fading and now Sunny, I've lost both of my best friends in a short space of time and my head has gone!!"  Mustard mumbles
       "I can imagine."  I mumble  "I nearly faded when you walked into the undertakers."
       "Yeah, I know I'm sorry!!  I had to see Sunny one last time, and I'm not going to get another chance, once his coffin is sealed up for the funeral in Sugar, that's it, it won't be opened again."  he mumbles  "I was struggling to accept it - it just doesn't seem right, he was too young to fade, we had years a head of us and suddenly he's gone and I don't know what to do with myself!!  I needed to see him that way just to accept it."
        "I can understand that, I struggled when my cousin faded, I wanted to see him, but my parents wouldn't let me, they didn't think I could handle it, we were only teenagers when he faded."
        "You are not the only one who nearly faded when I walked in, I saw Sunny's parents and shit myself.  I thought I'd blown it.  That's why I took a newspaper, just in case any of his family was there, so I could hide behind it.  I never imagined Sunny's Dad would ever set foot in Sugar Valley, he is so anti colour mixing, I'm surprised he didn't disown Sunny completely."  he laughs quietly  "They didn't recognise me did they?"
       "I don't think so.  If it hadn't been kicking off they might have looked at you, but I don't think they even registered there was anyone else there.  The old lady hasn't mentioned you since we left the undertakers ... but she might do, I'm not sure if you was listing to the conversation going on, but I need to warn you, the police might be getting in touch with you."
       "The baby the old man burried in Rainbow woods, he buried it under Saffy's tree. Crystal and her Mother want the babies remains moved to the cemetry. So if the old woman thinks about you, they might contact you asking if you can remember where this tree is.  She doesn't think she can find it now."

       "Yes I still know where it is, it's not a place I can forget!  Me and Sunny went out there only a few years ago and put flowers on the tree."  he mumbles  "Shit!!"  he snaps  "I hope to berry the police don't come looking for me, the last thing we need right now is them walking in on Sunny's Apple funeral or burial in Amber."
        "Yeah I know that is worrying me too!"  I mumble  "Sunny's oldest Son, Crimson, is one of the police officers, the other is Elderberry my Aunt, so if they do go into Apple, they might work it out pretty quickly, especially if his Mother mentions you was Saffy's boyfriend, even worse Sunny's boyfriend when you were at school in Amber together.  You were close to them at the time, so I am banking on her mentioning you."
       "You know Tapestry, we are going to be very lucky if we pull this off without any hitches, it is becoming a total nightmare, and this just makes it a whole lot worse!!"
       "I know."  I mumble  "Did Sunny's parent's know you moved to Apple Hill."
       "Yeah, they knew at the time, but like I said I haven't seen them for years, it all depends on if she remembers."
       "So we need to stop the police coming into Apple looking for you, just in case."
       "Maybe I should go out to Sugar Falls today and see his parents, pay them an unexpected visit because I've hear Sunny faded, that way the police won't need to come into Apple looking for me.  I can arrange a date to show them the tree in Amber after the burial, that way we might just hide it.'"
       "Actually his Mother is at mine, she's upstairs with Crimson and El right now, discussing it all.  She is leaving the old man and living here from now on."  I hear him chuckle  "It's the old woman you need to see not him."
       "Its not like I can come randomly knocking on your front door Mr Rock Star ... so that blows that idea then!"
       "Not necessarily ... you and Mace were mates in Apple  ... get Mace to bring you round here.  We just need a reason ..."  he starts laughing   "I know, you can say I am babysitting Clay and Jasmine for a few hours while you two are going out.  You drop them off and I'll make sure she is around to see you."  he laughs at me  "Just don't get making friends with any of Sunny's kids while you are here, or pretend to be too much of a crazed fan or my Dad and brother will probably bounce you out through the door."

      "I'll try not to!!"  he starts really laughing  "But isn't using the excuse of you babysitting a little extreme and suspicious!"
      "No, I'm the number one baby sitter round here, everyone dumps their kids on me and Crystal, and I quite often have Clay and Jasmine here with Granite's Granddaughter Amber who is my Niece.  When I'm not playing rock star I'm usually child minding."  I laugh and he laughs with me.  "Me babysitting is probably the best excuse to use, nobody will bat an eye lid at it, and you know in Sugar Valley I am just plain old Tapestry, my fame means nothing here."
      "Well you do surprise me!"  he laughs
      "We could really do with you doing this today if possible - if she's mentioned to them you are in Apple, they could be out there later or in the morning."
      "Okay, I'll phone Mace now, and I'll get straight back to you."

As soon as I end the call, I don't even get a chance to stuff my phone into my pocket when it starts to ring again.  I always have to answer it, most of the time not being able to read the name flashing at me.

     "Tap, we need to talk."  it is Forrest.
     "Seriously Forrest, we don't.  I've said I am not going to say anything, and I meant it, so quit bugging me!!"
      "I'm sorry, I don't mean to keep annoying you, but I need to explain ..."
      "No you don't need to explain anything, I can see exactly what is going on, Mr gay guy, who is really straight on the sly ... man and to think we all trust you with our women!!"  I laugh sarcastically  "You just need to sort yourselves out, both of you before someone else catches you and does spill your sordid affair, and everyone gets hurt!!  I am actually pretty upset with her, and I thought she was one of the good ones!!"  I snap at him
      "I just need to know you will keep this to yourself ..."
      "I've said I'll keep your secret so you don't have to worry about me saying anything.  There is enough going on with Sunny fading, do you think I want everyone upsetting any more finding out what you are up to and especially not who with?!"
    "I seriously need to see you, I have to explain everything ... it's really not what you think!"
    "Don't try to use the gay card or tell me that you accidentally fell on her face down the alleyway, and there is nothing really going on ... the way you two were mauling each other .. I don't believe it!!"

      "I wasn't going to ... I'm sure you've heard Gran say plenty of times in jest that I'm not gay, and he's not actually joking, even your Dad knows I am not actually gay, everyone just presumes I am because of Granite and I've never put them straight.  I'm not going to deny that we are having a relationship either, we have been seeing each other on the sly for a long time  ... close to twenty years."
     "WHAT?!"  I choke "Did you just say twenty years?!"
     "Yeah I did, but we have had to keep it quiet for a very good reason, and not her husband before you even say it, because he's known about us all along, their marriage has been over for nearly as long as we have been seeing each other!"
     "This is crazy - how the hell do you expect me to believe that!!"
      "Honestly, we have got to come clean soon, so you won't have to keep the secret for very long anyway, but it is important you keep it to yourself because there is something we have to do first, it's complicated, which is what I need to explain to you.  If we do it our way, then nobody is going to get hurt honestly.  Just please do me one favour, your Dad knows I'm seeing somebody, but he doesn't know who, so please don't tell him, I'll explain it to him myself, when we have sorted out our complication."
      So explain this complicated."
     "I'd rather do that to your face.  I'm on a day off tomorrow - can I meet you in the morning, and I'll explain everything.  It really is not as bad as you think, and we really do have a very good reason for doing what we are doing."
     "Okay, I'll meet you tomorrow and let you explain complicated to my face, but you better not be bullshitting me Forrest!!"
     "Trust me - I'm not."  he mumbles  "Come round to Bay's in the morning, you know I'm living there now till after the tial.  We can talk in private there."

We end the call, and I stand laughing but not for long.  He must think I'm stupid, telling me its been going on for twenty years and her husband knows.  This is going to be very interesting, what could he possibly tell me that can justify what he's doing?!



  1. Oh yay, you came back!!!! I've really been enjoying catching up, though I'm afraid some of the story details are a little murky for me right now. It's ok, though; I can always recap...the important thing is that you're writing again! Your Sims have complicated lives; nothing ever is what it seems. I can't wait to find out what's going on with Forrest and see what his reasoning is...he seemed to be so in love with Granite! I'm also excited to see Tapestry and Crystal's baby (ies?), and find out who Scarlet's daddy is, and everything else!

    1. I am glad you are back and enjoying catching up.

      You will find out what Forrest is up to very soon - im working on a 7 part side story that i will be putting out quickly - a chapter every few days. It will cover scarlets Dad too - and wrap up the spare characters - so that I can get on with Tapestry and the babies.