Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Chapter 15- Gen 1 - Lilly

~Teenage Dream~

warning:  some mild adult content

It seems like Sugar Valley, is going to save most of us, I'm not sure Mango could ever have imagined that he would be taking so many of us back to his home town with him after school finished.  But he is!!!   I always planned to move there after that one holiday I spent there with Mango and of course now Cosmic would be coming with me.  It didn't really matter to Cosmic's Dad where he ended up, and he has no other family to worry about.  Prelude and Affair are already in the process of moving to Sugar Valley.   It still feels a little strange to me thinking that Prelude is going to be part of my future, I am slowly getting use to the idea that my evil brother has changed for the better, he phones and emails me regularly and he is always nothing but nice.

Then there is Ruby, Sunny and the "baby bump"  who will also be living in Sugar Valley.  It will be nice for Cosmic to have Sunny in town, they are now best mates and I am slowly getting to like Ruby, we have been sharing a room for a while and she is not as bad as I thought, although I will always have in the back of my mind the things she has done to me in the past.

It seem the locker room see's all the action in our school - Sunny and Ruby too are now engaged.

The biggest surprise for all of us  .................. Caramel and Alpine.  Just knowing that there is a place like Sugar Valley, where the colour code does not matter, brought to the surface feeling that they have apparently always had for each other that nobody had known about.

Caramel has always been really strict about the colour code, because she did not want to get into any trouble.  It took Alpine a while to fully convince her that everything would be alright if they went to Sugar Valley with the rest of us.   It feels like we are turning into a right bunch of rebels.

Ruby's baby bump has started to show, so now we all get nervous setting up something that will get Ruby expelled from school before anyone notices she is pregnant.

We decided a fire would definately get her expelled especially if she told them she was smoking and that is how the fire started.  Jazz managed to talk Ice into starting the fire, her being a pyromaniac she jumped at the chance, especially when she heard he wanted to set Ruby up.  Ice didn't know the real reason for the fire, she just thought that Jazz wanted to get Ruby into trouble for the fun of it.

She did a pretty good job too, half of the music room burnt down - Mango really was not very happy when he found out his piano was now toast, but the music room was redecorated and the piano replaced within days of the fire so he was not down for too long.  The plan worked too, Ruby admitted to smoking in the music room and was expelled immediately. Now all we had to do is sit and wait for the baby to arrive.

The weeks and months started flying by, we are having so much fun now that Ruby is safely in Sugar Valley and we don't have to worry about the baby bump anymore and Lime is out of our lives and leaving us all alone.  She hovers occasionally but doesn't bother any of us with her evilness.  She is being unusually quiet, maybe whatever Alpine has on her scares her enough to keep us safe.

We got news that Ruby finally has had the baby.
Mango's Mom send photo's of the baby, so he got us all together.   He stood reading a note from his Mom.  Jazz got a little impatient, asking him who the Dad was.  Mango didn't know, she had not said in the note and the pictures she had sent obviously he's colourblind so he can't tell.

"She's told me to show you this one first"  she has marked a big 1 on the back of the photo.  He laid the photo on the table "Someone needs to tell me because im seeing in shades of grey remember."  

"Great!!!! - it's a red boy - now we are stuffed!!!  We still don't know who's baby it is!!"  Alpine started to whine.  "Now what are we going to do?"

"What can we do but wait till the kid grows up a bit."  Sunny said looking glum.  Jazz is now in pieces on the carpet thumping the floor, as really, Sunny and Alpine will be living in Sugar Valley where Ruby and the baby are so it doesn't make too much difference to them - Jazz is the only one of the three who doesn't plan to be there, but might have to change his plans if the baby is his.

"So what about this one? is it the same kid?  Mango asked laying another photo down on the table. "She said I'm to show you this one next."  The photo had a big 2 marked on the back.

"Oh Berry!!! she's had twins!!"  Cosmic said and started laughing.  Sunny started jumping around the room like a mental idiot, closely followed by Jazz and Alpine, we were all laughing at them, but Mango is looking slightly confused.

"It's a yellow girl"  I told Mango.  "So Sunny is the idiot!!"

Sunny is really happy, he would have been totally devastated if the babies had not been his -  in fact all three boys were happy with the outcome, Jazz and Alpine very very relieved that the babies were not theirs.  Babies - two of them!!!

"FUDGE!!!! -I've got two babies."  Sunny suddenly sat down looking totally shocked, I think the reality has only just hit him.

 We had been dancing for ages with Alpine and Caramel. They left, then Mango who had been on the computer, got up and mumbled something about being hungry then left the room.

As soon as Mango shut the door, Cosmic picked me up and swung me round, putting me down on the table, he had a wierd look in his eyes that made my stomach flip over.

Cosmic didn't say anything he just started to kiss me, a lot more intensely than he ever had before - I think I already knew where this is going.

We got a little carried away, caught up in the heat of the moment.....

and we managed to lose our clothes somehow, leaving a trail between the table and the bed.

Cosmic suddenly stopped kissing me  "You know we can wait, we don't have to do this now if you don't want to."  I told him it was fine, I really didn't want him to stop now.

We both must have drifted off to sleep.

The door slamming woke me up.  I looked up and saw Mango stood there, he looked a little uncomfortable.  Fudge!!!  I had not even given Mango coming to our room a thought.  He came in and found us asleep in just our underwear, our clothes scattered all over the floor which must have made it pretty obvious to him what me and Cosmic had been doing.

 "Oh!!!  You didn't!!!"

His face was a picture of misery, he stood there for a few minutes just looking at us, then he stormed out slamming the door really hard behind him. 

Why does he always make me feel so guilty??

"I should go after him."  I said knowing that Mango is going to be upset because of what he had seen.

"Leave him, let him calm down a little - I'll talk to him later."  he said and started kissing me again which stopped me from going after Mango, but I am not sure that Cosmic talking to him would be a very good idea, I think that might just make the situation worse.

We weren't the only ones who have been a little careless, Caramel and Alpine who are suppose to be confining their relationship to the bedrooms where the teaching staff were not likely to catch them together have a mixed berry relationship.  They got a little carried away in the locker room right in front of Lime and Ice which didn't go down too well with Lime, she kicked off at Alpine but he just walked away.

After walking in on  me and Cosmic, Mango hadn't been back to our room.  I unusually, woke up in the middle of the night and noticed Mango still had not come to bed.  It's 3am so I am wandering where he might be.   Mango must be really upset for him not to come back, I hope he is sleeping in one of the boys rooms, but decided to go looking for him just in case he is sat sulking somewhere.

I heard him before I saw him, I could hear the piano music as I went down the stairs to the second floor, really I should have known he would be in the music room playing the piano.

"Mango what are you doing down here? Do you know what time it is?"  He stopped playing the piano and stood up, at first I think he was just going to walk off and out of the music room totally ignoring me, but he stopped suddenly and spoke.

"I couldn't sleep - especially not in my bed after you two ..... *huh* ..... how could you!!??"

His bed - O-M-B!! - we did didn't we, I never even realized we had until he said. "I'm really sorry it wasn't planned it just ....... happened."  I saw him wince.

"I really can't wait till we are out of this place and I can get some distance between us!!"  He wouldn't even look at me at first.

"Please don't say that!!"  I thought he was upset at the moment and would get over it after a while.

"I'm sorry Lilly but I really can't take this, seeing you and him together, it's killing me!!  I'm not even sure I can carry on being your friend when we leave this place."  He still wasn't looking at me while he spoke so I stepped in front of him so he had no choice but to look at me.

"WHAT?! - YOU CAN'T!!"  I felt like I had just been punched in the stomach.

"You know how I feel about you - the best thing for me is once we get out of here is if I don't see you anymore - its the best thing for all of us."

He has totally stunned me.  "Mango please don't do this!!"   The last thing I wanted to happen is to lose him as a friend but I know this really cant be easy or fair for him.  "I'm sorry Lilly I don't want to - but I have to!!!"

I just stood there looking at his face - Berry!!  When did he get to be so cute?  How have I never not noticed before?  I have seen him hundreds of times without his glasses on, but I've never really "seen" him before.  I wandered for a second what it would be like to kiss him - What am I even thinking!!!  Lilly STOP IT!!!!

He stood there for a few minutes just looking at me then walked out and I heard him running up the stairs, I don't have a clue where he is going, but I know I just had to let him go, before I did something really stupid.


Song:  Teenage Dream - Katy Perry (cough cough)


I thought I would show you toddler pictures of Ruby and Sunny's twins.
I was really pleased with the way they turned out, both a perfect mix of both Ruby and Sunny.  Twins too that was the biggest shocker for me.

Crimson Shine

Cherry Shine



  1. Aw, Ruby and Sunny's twins are adorable and I was completely shocked about the twins even if Red does seem to have twins often. Poor Mango, that's just not what you want to walk into your dorm room and find about and in his bed no less.

    1. Im putting the twins on the exchange with Sunny and Ruby (Red) :)

  2. Poor Mango! That boy just can't catch a break.

    The twins are sooooo adorable and the complete opposite of each other. Your right it is a nice mix!

    1. I know Mango needs a break :/ I do feel sorry for him at the moment :(

  3. Hmm.. I'm not sure how to feel about Mango to be honest.. I mean I like Cosmic but Mango was always nice to her!!

    Oh my gosh those twins are freaking gorgeous!!

    1. They are aren't they, especially Cherry she is really cute!! I've made a start on reading your legacy :)

    2. Aw thanks! Hope you like it.. Currently got a bit of sad story going on at the moment xD

  4. I saw that you were recommended by Susan ( and thought I'd check you out; I'm so glad I did! I love your musical rainbowcy; it's got one of the best stories I've seen, and the way you take your pictures is completely unique. I caught up to you in two days, and I can't wait to see what happens next...great job! :-)

    1. thank you for reading - I'm glad you like it!!!! :)

    2. Glad to see you dropped by Artemisquirrel!

  5. Did you know the kids were Sunny's before you built the storyline, or was it a happy coincidence??

    Is Lilly suddenly finding herself attracted to Mango at this late date? In reality, I kind of agree with him. They don't have to be separated forever, but he's too good a guy to be caught holding the torch for the unattainable girl.

    1. Sunny and Rubys twins weren't actually planned at all I have the wahooer mod and leaving then unattended they kind of did that all by themselves. I didn't have a clue whos they were I just knew Ruby had 3 romantic interests it really could have been any of them - I play wishacy a lot so some of the stuff going on in this they are actually chosing for themselves ive actually changed the storyline a little a few times to accommodated a few of their wishes and Sunny and Ruby's relationship was one of them as I never planned anything outside the triangle. I hoped they would be Sunny's but didn't know until they arrived - teenage boys dont tend to care about reading pregnancy books like adult fathers to be tend to roll wishes for so I had no clue. I thought if the baby turned out to be Alpines or Jazz's - then it might add an interesting twist - but it was just a happy coincidence that they were Sunny's.

  6. Okay, I only made it this far. I'll read the rest in the morning. So far, I like it. I'm very evil and have gotten some ideas from your story for my rainbowcy. Not for anther generation at least.
    Lilly can use some maturity, to be honest. There were times up through now that I wanted to smack her. I get that she had a hard life, but she really reminds me of some of my young cousins who like to wallow in their misery. Especially when people are trying to make things right (like Cosmic leaving the flowers and Mango telling her she had a secret admirer, and for how long she was like, "nope"? Denial isn't just a river in Egypt. Or Prelude coming to apologize.) Hopefully, as she ages, she gets that maturity. I like Cosmic, so I'm really fretting about what will happen in the future. I know the future color scheme, so I have an inkling.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for reading :) Im glad you like it. Yes some people do wallow for longer than others , it took lilly quite a while to feel normal experiencing things for the first time is always harder for those who have no self confidence :) I hope you make it to the end of her generation - there is still a long bumpy road ahead :)

  7. Oh Ruby's twins are the cutest and poor Mango, but I still prefer Cosmic!!

  8. It's always sad when the person you love doesn't love you back, but sometimes these things just happen. I do feel bad for Mango, but love is complicated, and I am glad Lilly is with Cosmic because they are cute together. Sunny and Ruby's babies are cute, that's always nice when they are a perfect mix of the parents.

  9. The twins are adorable! A perfect blend of parents. I feel so bad for Mango. :(