December 2017

I started Through Colourblind Eyes in September 2012.
This originally started out as a Rainbowacy.  However, looking at it now, five years later, I find that it has slowly over time grown into something else and gone a little off track.

Generation One was fine, but as Generation Two has progressed, I have let myself get very distracted by the characters around the heir.  Through Colourblind Eyes is now running more on the lines of a story and legacy of my my making, which unfortunately I can not cut down.  The story rattling around in my head for all of these characters is having to come out, before it drives me crazy!!

When I originally started this, I had a story and reason for why all ten of the original teenage characters where at the boarding including Lilly.  Some of their stories came out during the first generation .... Cosmic, Mango Lime and Lilly.  All the other character's stories have been sat in the back of my head annoying me and I am now having to let them out, so that I can put these characters to bed and move away from them.

I am hoping that when Generation Two draws to a close, I can get this back on track and bring it back to being a Rainbowacy again.