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Chapter 10 - Gen 1 - Lilly.

~ Secrets~

"Remind me again why we are skiving English?  You know they are going to come looking for us, we are going to get into trouble you know that." Cosmic is acting really wierd, making me skip lessons and he has locked the door to his room.

"I'm in enough trouble, a little more isn't going to hurt me!!  We need to talk Lilly and it's really important that you listen to everything I have to say before you start to kick off."  Why do I get the feeling I'm not going to like this?  Now I'm worried  "I have something to tell you that you are not going to like at first, but I promise everything will be fine - I really do love you - please don't forget that!!"

"Go on ........."

"Remember when I first started leaving flowers in your room and how Sunny told you I had been moping around for months because I liked you and didn't realize we could be together because you should be purple??"   He didn't wait for my answer before he carried on  "Well I'd already left you two bunches of flowers and sent you two emails.  It was the day before the holidays, when you went to Mango's house, Lime summoned me out back - she knows a secret from my past and she has been blackmailing me ever since to do something for her that I NEVER wanted to do."


"You made a fool of her with your colour fade game - she wants to hurt you as revenge - or I should say she wants me to hurt you, - she told me to become your boyfriend - when you had fallen for me - take away your innocence then dump you straight after - she said she wants to see your heart smashed - she wants to see you hurting.

"WHAT!!??"  I yell at him  "I KNEW IT!!!!  I knew you liking me was a joke ..........."  I exploded - Oh My Berry I feel sick!!!!  I knew that "us" just had to be too good to be true!!!

"Lilly SHUT UP and LISTEN first - Just let me tell you the WHOLE story before you start kicking off!!!!!  he rared straight back in my face - this is the first time I've seen him this angry.  "I promise everything is fine - we are NOT breaking up - I loved you before lime started this Fudging rubbish - we have found a way out of this - Lime is not going to know what hit her tomorrow!!!!!"

"We?  Who else knows about this?  I bet they have all been having a really good laugh at me behind my back - haven't they!!"

"Ruby and all the boys know, except for Mango, and nobody is laughing Lilly - now are you going to shut up and let me tell you the whole story from the beginning.

He tried to put his arms round me and I pushed him away.  "Please don't cry Lilly - you really don't need too!!"

 "Ok, I'll shut up and listen - just get on with it."


It all started when Lime summoned me out back, the place where she holds all her evil meetings.  I ignored her at first, but she came after me a day later and dragged me round the back.  I guessed she wanted me to do something for her, but I could never have expected what she actually wanted me to do.

"Our little nerd friend has developed quite a crush on the colourless freak."  Lime said which kind of floored me straight away, I wandered why she was telling me that Mango had a crush on you, Ruby knew how I felt about you I thought that she had told Lime.

"And what does that have to do with me?" I asked her

"She has made a fool of me with her little colour fading game - I want to see her heart smashed all over the pavement - which is where you come in - you are going to become her boyfriend and when she has fallen for you, sleep with her then straight after you are going to dump her, preferably from a great height - I want to see her suffer!!!!"  Of course I could not believe what I was hearing

"OH NO!!!!!"  Fudge there is no way I would do that to any girl, especially not you!!!  "I'm not doing it, find someone else to do it!!!"  I thought I could say no and just walk away, but I was wrong.  "Why me anyway this is ridiculously cruel!!!!"

"You are the only one that can do it, she's too close to Sunny and Jazz, her little nerd friend wouldn't do it and Alpine is mine - you are the only one not close to her besides you are the only one with secrets that I can blackmail!!!"  I laughed at her in my head, I didn't think she had anything on me - but I never thought of the obvious, I should have known straight away what she planned to use against me

(I will tell you later what she is blackmailing me with).

"What?!" I asked her

"You forget Cosmic, I know who was driving that car - I was there that night too remember!!!  I can tell tales."  I was thinking -  Fudge!!! - not this please - anything but this!!!!  I felt like she had just hit me with a sledge hammer

"You know nothing!!" I snapped at her

"Oh I do - I might have left earlier and was not there at the exact time it happened, but I know you would be the one driving - those fingerprints on the steering wheel that they could never find a match for - they are yours aren't they - it only takes one phone call" she is right and I knew I wouldn't convince her otherwise, I couldn't take the risk of her making that phonecall.

"You wouldn't!!!"  I said to her

"Try me!!  You will do this for me Cosmic - you have no choice, if you don't want to spend the rest of your life behind bars!!!!"  I was stunned - I had to agree to do it in principal just to get her off my back - I was never going to do it and thought I would have to find a way out of it somehow.

I couldn't think straight, and was already trying to think of a way out.  She had me and she knew it.  Ruby and Alpine appeared and Lime took great delight in telling them about what I was going to do to you.  I just stood there numb, neither Alpine or Ruby looked very enthusiastic about Limes plan and I definitely wasn't.

I noticed Ruby looking at me sympathetically, she already knew like Jazz and Sunny how I felt about you, she spends a lot of time in our room with Sunny as you know,  she had to know this was already tearing me to pieces.

"You told Lime how I felt about Lilly didn't you!!"  I snapped at her quietly so Lime could not hear.

"I swear Cos, I never said a word to her - she doesn't know how you feel about Lilly!!" I didn't know if I could believe her, I would never trust either Ice or Ruby where Lime is concerned.  "Does she have dirt on you?"  she asked and I nodded  "What are you going to do?"  she genuinely looked like she didn't like this any more than I did.

I told her I would just have to try and find a way out of it.


"Did you know I stayed in school during the holidays, and drove myself half crazy here alone - firstly your silence was killing me - I thought you didn't like me and you were blatantly ignoring me, I watched you come back off holiday, you looked so happy and I thought you and Mango were together, it nearly faded me - I wanted you so badly I couldn't think straight.  Then I had Limes blackmail at the back of my head eating away at me - I didn't know what to do - I thought a few times it would be better if you stayed away from me, I should stop sending flowers and emails - if you carried on ignoring me then I couldn't hurt you if I was never with you.  I just couldn't stop what I'd started the minute I saw you get out of that taxi I knew I would have to carry on trying to get your attention"

"You know what's happened these past few months since we have been together, its been good and none of it was an act - I am with you because I want to be and not just because Lime is blackmailing me to do it.  I never planned to follow through what Lime is telling me to do - I always said to myself I would hand myself in if it came to it - if I couldn't find a way out."

"This morning - Lime stopped me in the locker room..................."


"Hey Midnight, its time you pulled the plug on the charade!!!"  I thought Oh Fudge!!  I knew this would be coming soon and I still had not worked out a way to get out of it.

"I'm not sure it's time yet."  I was trying to buy more time - to try and drag it out for as long as possible - she might think our relationship is a charade but it seriously isn't for me, I needed more time to think of something - I was beginning to get desperate for a way out of this.

"You have had plenty of time, tomorrow dinner arrange to meet her here, don't start without me, because you know I am having the pleasure of telling her that her dream romance is just a set up!!"  she said to me

"What about if I don't want to do it?" I asked her

"Please tell me you have fallen for the freak!!"  She started laughing   "That just makes it all the better - payback for Forrest (I'll tell you who he is later) - you smashed my heart now I get to smash yours - you know I've never forgiven you for that!!!  You will do it, I'm sure you would hate me to spill your secret!!!!"

Alpine was with her and I noticed he was cutting me the eyes, then he made his way over to me while Lime was routing around in her locker.   I knew exactly what was coming, he really likes you I knew he would have a go at me, but that was fine because I serious needed help.

"Please tell me you are not going through with this, you Berry Hole!!!"  he was quite nasty with me to start with.

I told him "NO!!!  NEVER!!!  I have been trying to find a way out of this, I need your help Alpine, I'm going out of my mind trying to figure a way out.  I've even considered doing a runner and taking Lilly with me!!"   He relaxed with me then I think he thought I planned to actually do what Lime was telling me to do.

"Lime really must have some dirt on you!!" he said - I was surprised that Lime has not told him what she has on me.

"She does and I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't!!  I seriously need help."

"Meet me in your room in an hour, Ill ditch the bitch and round up the boys - DON'T bring Lilly!!"  I was thinking its all well and good us putting our heads together, but I doubt we will come up with anything, besides they might not even want to help me when they find out what is in my past.  I told him not to bring Mango, I thought if Mango gets wind of this he will probably kick off and even tell you, making things worse than they already are.

My phone was ringing as I walked into my room, it was Lime  "Have you slept with her yet?"  She asked me - I told Lime it was none of her business, her reply  "Well do it tonight, don't forget removing her innocence will make dumping her tomorrow all the more painful for her - and I want to see her on her knees!!"  There is no way I would do that even if my life depended on it!!!!!!

I lost my temper, without even disconnecting the call I launched my phone full force at the closest wall, it smashed into a thousand pieces and I collapsed into a heap on the floor, Jazz, Sunny and Alpine walked in to watch me making a right fool of myself, crying like a girl - I'd given up - I was going to hand myself in and my life would be over.

I had to tell them what Lime was using to blackmail me with.  It didn't matter to me anymore who knew because I had decided, and I told the boys, I was going to hand myself into the police and put an end to it - I was going to lose and hurt you either way, and I would rather spend the rest of my life behind bars rather than you thinking I had used you.  Lime would always have this on me and she could use it again in the future to get me to do anything - I wasn't prepared to let her use me in that way - when the result is always going to be the same - me being behind bars paying for what I've done.

I couldn't look at any of them while I told them about my past, I thought they would hate me and walk out, but they didn't.

"I can get you out of this."  Alpine said suddenly

"How??"  I was shocked he could come up with something so quickly, I half expected him to say we were going to bury Lime out back.

"Lime has more than a few skeletons in her closet, she tells me most things, she trusts me because she thinks I'm forever, she doesn't realize I'm dumping her sorry ass the minute I graduate, she is just an amusement until I get out of this place."  then he added  "I have enough on that girl to put her away forever - we just turn the tables on her - she might have one thing on you but I know half a dozen things she really would hate getting out - but it only needs you to say one name to her ~ Apple Blossom ~ and I swear she will never bother you again!!"

I was shocked hearing him say that name - I knew Apple Blossom, she was in our class at the public school,  I don't know if you know, Lime is from this town like I am, and I've known her since I was a small child we both went to the public school before we ended up here for different reasons.  Anyway, Apple,  she faded really young, she was found stabbed up in an alley way, they never caught the person who faded her.  I now know it was Lime that did it.


"Oh Berry!!!!!!!!!"  I really can not believe what I am hearing.

"We have a plan and tomorrow we are going to turn the tables on Lime, she will never bother us again hopefully, but she definitely won't be getting what she wants tomorrow, she wants to see you dumped and hurting - but she is the one getting dumped and she is the one who will be hurting.  All that worries me is that Alpine is going to have to watch his back from now on, actually I think we all might have to - she faded Apple deliberately, she is capable of anything."

"What did you do? - What does Lime have on you?" I had to ask

"Yeah I was just getting round to telling you that - I'm not looking forward to you knowing this."  He paused for a moment then just came out with it  "I faded my sister and my best mate."

"What?! How?"  I had to sit down, I felt my legs giving way underneath me, that was the last thing that I expected him to say.

It was an accident, obviously I never meant it to happen, we were stupid, really stupid.  Me and my twin sister, Twilight, had just passed our driving tests and Dad bought us a car each.  I was out with Lime, Forrest and my girlfriend at the time, we were drinking so I left my car at home.  Twilight had gone out separately with her boyfriend, she was driving and I never thought she would be stupid enough to drink.  When I saw her she was paralytic and I gave her hell, she couldn't walk let alone drive. I had to try and get her and the car home without Dad noticing - he would have killed us both for just drinking.  I paled her boyfriend for letting her get so drunk, he just legged it.  Lime and my girlfriend made there own way home as they didn't live too far away.   Twilight was so legless it took both me and Forrest to hold her up, it was going to take us hours to get her home the state she was in, there was no way we were doing it on foot before curfew so we decided to use her car.

I drove, and really I was just tipsy, I know I should never have got behind the wheel of that car, but I did.  Forrest was in the front with me, Twilight was in the back flaked out on the back seat, we never expected her to get up and start messing around, she started tormenting Forrest, she was off her face, he tried to get her to sit back down.  Forrest was trying to control her, but in the struggle he fell on me, I lost control of the car, it went off the road and ended up hitting a tree.  I was unconscious, I don't know how long for, but when I woke they had both already faded.  They had not been wearing seat belts, but I had and I think that's what saved me.  I panicked I didn't know what to do - I called my Dad.  He was mortified when he saw my sisters body, he dragged Forrest into the driving seat and took me home and beat me senseless.  He reported Twilight missing and gave me an alabi - he knew I would go down for fading them, he smelt the alcohol on my breath.  It didn't take them long to find her car and the two bodies.   I got away with hardly a scratch, a cut on my head which my hair hid.   He kicked my butt for months.  That's why I'm here he can't bare to look at me.

When they did the autopsy they could tell that Forrest had not been in the drivers seat, something to do with his injuries, so they knew someone else had been driving and had moved his body.  They got my fingerprints off the steering wheel but because I've never been in any trouble before they don't have them on record, they questioned a few people but because my Dad is military they took his word that I was with him and never even questioned me.

It got worse about a month later, my Mother faded.  She was already really ill when Twilight faded, it finished her off, she gave up, my Dad blames me for my Mother fading too, it was all my fault and he would never forgive me - that's when he sent me here, he really hates being around me - and really I can't blame him for hating me - I hate me too!!

You think I got away with it, but I didn't, I have to live with it every day, I will always have this hanging over my head even if I get caught and locked up for it, I faded my sister and my best mate for berries sake - if I had made us walk home they would still be here and it's my fault they are now in the cemetery  Forest was Limes boyfriend by the way I don't know if I told you.  The day I get pulled into a police station and get finger printed - that's me finished.

This is what Lime is blackmailing me with , she suspects I'm the one who was driving the car, she's been threatening to turn me in if I don't do what she wants me to do to you.  Even though she can not know 100% that it was me, she is right about one thing - one phonecall is all it takes to put me in the frame and of course they are my fingerprints because I was the one driving.

One day it could still catch up with me you know.  There is nothing stopping Lime making that call at any time, but after tomorrow she will know if she takes me down I'm going to take her with me for what she did to Apple.

"Well do you hate me??"  he asked

"Ill have to think about that one - my brain is still trying to digest what you've told me I'll tell you later"  I was teasing him and smiled at him when I said it,  I could never hate him but my brain still was trying to digest everything he had just spent hours telling me.

"We need to go to your room, the boys are waiting to see if you fade me or not and they are filling in Mango so he is more than likely kicking off by now, you know how protective he is of you - I'm half expecting him to kick my butt when I get there!!"

Arriving at my room all of the boys were there with Mango, he cut his eyes at Cosmic when we came in and continued to glare at him but he didn't say anything.  I found it pretty strange for Ruby to be napping on Mango's bed, then I remembered she was in on this too, so I started to relax although I am not really sure I trusted her.  Ruby has always been on Limes side as far as I am concerned, she has always been quite nasty to me, I wander why all of a sudden she is on our side and not with Lime.

Jazz and Sunny are bickering - it sounded like they are actually arguing over Ruby,  who sleeps with her the most, Alpine is just stood there saying nothing with a face like thunder.

"We have another problem to sort out."  Alpine said to Cosmic, he looked far from happy

"Oh yeah - what now?"  Cosmic asked.

"Ruby - she's knocked up!!"

Cosmic started laughing, I had to snigger myself until I thought about the consequences of this - Teenage pregnancy - mixed colour baby - Ruby and the babies Dad are going to be in some serious trouble!!!  How is the school going to react, how is the law going to react??  This really is not good!!!!

"I warned you three this was going to happen one of these days - and I was right!!!"  he gloated  "So which one of you is the idiot? Who's the Daddy?"

"That's the problem - we don't know!!" 



 Song: Secrets - One Republic


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