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Chapter 8 - Gen 1 - Lilly

One Shot

I would really love to know what is going through her mind right now.  She is just stood there staring at me, like I am staring at her, it actually would be quite comical if it wasn't so tragic.  The suspense is killing me - one of us needs to speak and soon, but I doubt very much it is going to be me.

"What the Fudge do you think you are playing at??" she suddenly shouted at me, I think this is the first time I have even seen her angry, she has always seemed so timid and fragile.  I have seen her and Lime kicking off but her back has always been towards me so I've never seen Lilly's angry face before.

"What?!"  Even if she doesn't like me I never expected her to rare at me like this.

"The flowers and teddy bears - I know it is you delivering them!!"  She didn't look the slightest bit happy about it, Oh Berry - she really doesn't like me does she!!!!.

"Yes."  What else could I say, guilty as charged, I delivered the flowers because I am madly in love with you - if only I had the guts to say it out loud, all this would have been sorted out weeks ago.

"Well you can stop it right now, I don't find it the slightest bit funny any more!!!" Fudge!!!  This is some knock back, a simple I don't like you would have done - not this!!

"I'm sorry, I thought eeerrr ............."  I just didn't know what to say, she is tearing my heart out, made worse by the fact I thought she still looks beautiful even when she's angry.

"You thought what??  Thought it would be funny to wind me up, well you've had your fun now you can stop it!!"  Isn't it enough that you have just ripped my heart out you don't need to trample all over it too.  I wanted to run and find a corner to cry in.

"It's not a wind up .........." she didn't even let me finish before she carried on ranting.

"Do you know the stress you have caused with your stupid flower prank, creeping about in the middle of the night doing Limes dirty work, well you can tell her you have been rumbled, we know it's you, Mango saw you "  WHAT!!??  The mention of Limes name was like a slap in the face - Now I'm really confused!!  I've been rumbled??!!  What on earth is she going on about.

"STOP!!!!  What the fudge do you think is going on here???  Why exactly do you think I have been sending you the flowers???"  Surely she has read my emails, she has to know

"You're doing Limes dirty work, delivering my "funeral flower" because she keeps threatening to bury me for making a fool of her with my colour fading game."  This doesn't make any sense!!!  Why on earth would she think that ......... unless.

"Oh Berry!!  But I have tried to tell you ........... when did you last check your emails????"  I had to ask because it is the only explanation for her not knowing - I've poured my heart out in those emails, too gutless to do it to her face in case she knocks me back.

She shrugged her shoulders "I don't know weeks ago, just before the holidays I think - why?"  Fudge!! I doubt that she has even read one of my emails.

"Lilly you have not read ANY of my emails have you??"  her not reading my emails was not something that I had even considered while I had been crawling the walls trying to work out why she was blatantly ignoring me.  How stupid am I!!!

"No!!  you have sent me emails? - wow!!."  she looked a little shocked - wow!!  what on earth does that mean??

I started laughing, the relief shook me, I suddenly had a little hope again, she hasn't got a clue, she hasn't read any of my emails so how would she know, she hasn't been ignoring me on purpose after all!!!.

"What's so funny because I don't think it is!!" she snapped at me

"Oh My Berry!!  I have been going out of my mind and crawling the walls waiting for you to react to the flowers and emails and all this time you didn't have a clue.   If you had read the emails I sent you, you would have known why I was sending you the flowers"

"Funeral flowers - Fudge!!!  That has to be the funniest thing I've ever heard - I'm sorry Lilly but you are so way off - its hysterical!!"  I couldn't stop laughing

"They were colourless what else was I supposed to think!!"  She snapped again, she really is not happy and I don't suppose my laughing is helping but I just can't help it.  "Where I come from colourless flowers are only used at funerals."

"You're colourless, I thought you would like colourless roses, - I'm sorry I really didn't mean to upset you - we use the colour flower for the colour of the berry that fades in this town, so I would never connect colourless flowers with a funeral - I'm sorry!!!!"

"So come on, tell me - why have you been sending me flowers??"  I stopped laughing suddenly, she still doesn't get it does she.

"Why do boys usually send flowers to girls?! - because I like you, I can't get you out of my head and I kind of hope you like me too."  There I'd said it finally.  Lilly just stands there with her mouth open, wide eyed and staring.  I guess she has to think about that for a minute.

"Now I know you are winding me up!!!  You are joking right?!  Why? What have I ever done to you??"  She went into angry mode again.  What is wrong with this girl - does she think I'm lying to her??

"You've driven me half crazy that's what you have done to me ....... and you still are!!  I just told you I like you and can't get you out of my head - and you still think its a joke!!!???"  I am slowly beginning to get very irritated

"It has to be a joke - you couldn't - its just not possible, you have to be winding me up!!"

"Sod this!!"  I snatched the teddy bear out of her arms and threw it to the floor.

She started to protest.  "Hey!!! what ........ ?" 

I quickly wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her towards me, I saw her eyes widen in surprise as she lurched towards me.  Not giving her time to speak I gently pressed my lips down onto hers, at first she froze, I felt her body stiffen and I waited for a slap or to be pushed away - but she did neither,  she just stayed there frozen.  I started to kiss her slowly, her eyes closed and she started kissing me back, when I felt her relax into my arms I pulled her closer and she wrapped her arms around me.  I felt myself losing control, our kissing was getting quite heated, what the fudge is she doing to me.  I felt her hands traveling slowly up my back, it's like she has electric fingers passing an electric current under my skin that is racing all around my body.  I got totally lost in the moment and don't know how long we stayed there kissing each other, I only stopped because I needed to come up for air.

"Now did that feel like a joke to you??"  I was breathless and could hardly speak.  If ever she says yes I'm going to scream!!!  "If you still don't believe me, maybe you should go and read those emails I sent you."

"No ......... I  ......... you just kissed me!! ....... I think I need to sit down for a minute, before, I fall down."  I laughed at her, I thought she was teasing me but she was being deadly serious. She was a little shocked.

"Did you seriously just kiss me??!!"  I still half expected her to slap me for just kissing her like that.  "Oh No!!!  We shouldn't have done that - you're purple, I'm colourless!!!"  She started looking very distressed.

I am very surprised she did not know about the colour code amendment - Mango is the one who told me about it so why has he never told her, she is finding it hard to believe that we could legally be together because she should be purple.  As far as she is concerned she would never get married or have children unless she could find a colourless boy like her, she had thought she was the only one until the holidays when she saw one in the town where Mango comes from.  She definitely had no idea she was allowed to be with purple berries, I get the feeling I might just have got Mango into trouble.

Finding out she has had a crush on me all along is pretty shocking after everything I have just put us both through, if only she had read those emails I sent her.

Now that my tongue has untied itself I didn't waste any time asking her to be my girlfriend, I needed to know where I stood before we went off to English class, else I would probably only start driving myself crazy again.

That's when I notice that Mango was stood there watching us, he must have just seen us kissing each other so I guess he knows already.  Lilly has warned me that there might be a problem with Mango which she needed to sort out.  He looked far from happy, he has more than just a little crush on Lilly I can tell.

"You better had not be messing her about Cosmic!!"  Mango pounced on me as we were making our way out of the library.

"Chill Mango - I'll look after her!!"  

"Well you better had, or you'll have me to answer to!!!"  It's kind of cute how he is looking out for her and I kind of feel a little sorry for him, but if he was the one with her and I was standing in his shoes right now, I bet he wouldn't be feeling sorry for me.  I need to watch him, I already hate that they share a room together.

Lime has been a pain in my life since my early childhood, unfortunately she comes from this town like I do and we both used to go to the public school on the other side of town.  Lime tormented and terrorized all the other kids from the very first day of primary school, she has always been the school bully.  Everyone thinks she is a bully now because of her being an orphan, but I know differently, she has always been this way, even before all of her family faded and left her alone.  Up until now I have managed to escape her evil clutches, but now she has me just where she wants me and it's my own stupid fault!!

I moved to this boarding school after my Mother died, my Dad being in the military is always moving around and the last thing he wants is to have me under his feet, especially as he blames me for everything that happened, and he isn't wrong, it was my fault.  Lime knows this too and now she is using it.  Her family all faded at around about the same time as the problems in my life started.  The first face I saw when I entered this school for the very first time was Limes, the last face I would have ever wanted to see - how can I have been so unlucky to land up in the same place as Lime again!!???

I saw red when I found her tearing strips off Lilly in the locker room.

"Leave Lilly alone Lime, go find someone else to pick on!!!"  I rared at her

"Why are you defending the freak Cosmic??"  She started to look amused then, like she doesn't already know - Berry I hate that girl!!

"She's my girlfriend so from now on you can leave her alone, you have picked on her for long enough don't you think!!"

"Oh freak, I see you have found yourself a new body guard, Midnight and the Nerd quite a little army you are building for yourself!!" she started laughing in Lilly's face

"Leave her Lime, I'm warning you!!!!"  If only she was a boy, I would have kicked her butt by now.

"Don't push it midnight!!  You still have that little something to do for me remember!!!!" she snarled at me, I wandered how long it was going to be before she brought that up.

"How could I forget!!"

"Well get on with it then - the clock is ticking - tick - tock - tick - tock - it only takes one little slip of the tongue!!!"  Fudge!!!!  I know when I'm beat and have to back down.

Lime is laughing hysterically behind me - the Berry Hole - she knows she has me just where she wants me and I can't see a way out of this.   It doesn't matter which way it goes now - I'm finished either way!!!! 

Oh Berry - I need help!!!!


I did not plan to do this chapter from Cosmics point of view but I could not find a fitting enough song for Lilly.

Song: "One Shot" - JLS


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  3. Oh Cosmic is known as Midnight too, I was wondering who Midnight was. I'm glad Cosmic finally got Lilly to believe him.

    1. Yes his name is Cosmic Midnight - its his second name :)

  4. Cosmic Midnight is a cool name!

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