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Chapter 11 - Gen 1 - Lilly

~Picture of You ~

We are all in our room, everyone except for Lime and Ice and have been scratching our heads for hours - Ruby has been stupid enough to go and get herself pregnant and is adamant she is having this baby who's ever it turns out to be - that we will find out only when the baby arrives, it could either be Sunny's, Jazz's or Alpines she really does not know.  This has left us with a very huge problem.

Alpine is far from happy, he is the angriest one of the possible Dads, moaning that his life is over if the baby turns out to be his, there is no way he wants to be saddled with Ruby and a kid, which kind of amused me, he should have thought about that when he was busy having his fun with Ruby, he has no one but himself to blame.  He is the least likely of the three to have caused the damage as he spends the least time with Ruby, but then it only takes once doesn't it!!!

Jazz, I think, is in the middle of having a nervous breakdown, worrying more about what his parents are going to do to him, they are going to string him up for breaking the colour code and that's just to start with.  I don't think he is too amused either with the idea of having a baby with Ruby.

Ruby thinks Sunny is the most likely, then Jazz, then Alpine - I don't know how she has the nerve to stand there saying these things like what she has been doing is not so totally wrong.  It amazes me the nerve that some people have!!!!  How can she not be embarrassed with herself??

Sunny is just sat there, in Sunny fashion, not really stressing much that it might be his, he actually does not seem to be bothered if the baby does turn out to be his baby, secretly I think he would be happy about it.  He decides now of all times to tell Ruby he loves her - if only she wasn't red!!!  I suspect Sunny is the only one who would actually stick by Red when the baby arrives.

All three of them though,  are worrying about the trouble they will get into for breaking the colour code.  Something nobody ever dares to do - but these three have!!!  We really don't know what will happen to them when it gets out - none of us have seen this happen before, apart from Mango who can't see what all the fuss is about with the colour code.

I had to give them one thing though, all three of them were there trying to help solve the problem, they didn't dump her in it completely and walk away and leave her to do it alone like they could easily have done.

"You know this is not as big a problem as you think!!" Mango suddenly pipes up.  We all turn to look at him like he has gone completely mad.

"The colour code is not a problem where I come from - you know we could all be colour blind in that town and it wouldn't be a problem colour matters so little - my Mom is a mixed berry, she is yellow and purple - Ruby could have that baby in the town where I live and it would not be a problem."

"Your Mom is a mixed berry!!!????"  Ruby is pretty shocked and so are a few of the others.  I didn't know Mango had kept that a secret from everybody, maybe because he is in a town that do stick strictly to the colour code.

"Yes she is I've seen her, Mango takes after his Dad who is completely orange."  I backed Mango up just in case they thought he was talking rubbish, I myself had found it hard to believe until I had actually seen his Mother and the other mixed berries in his town.

"Is that why you are colour blind because your Mom is mixed - Oh My Berry - is my baby going to be colour blind - it will won't it that must be Berry's punishment for colour mixing!!!??"  Ruby started to panic a little.  Mango had to assure her that his colour blindness he had actually inherited from his Dad, who  is a pure orange berry and also colour blind, and not from his Mom.

Mango had a point - if we could somehow get Ruby to the town where Mango lived at least Ruby and the Dad were not going to get into trouble for having a mixed colour baby or relationship.  That is one of the problems solved - but there are many others.

The trouble being we are teenager stuck in a boarding school with a small weekly allowance, and not really knowing much about how the adult world works - even if we all clubbed together it was going to take us months and months to get the money together, and that was just for the traveling to get her to Mango's town - where is she going to live????  What is she going to live on??  It just seemed impossible.

Ruby rushes off to throw up again, then we get to thinking how are we going to keep this a secret from the school staff and Lime - oh my berry - if Lime ever found out that Ruby is pregnant and Alpine could be responsible, I am sure world war three would break out.  Ice and Lime must never find out about this!!!  Ruby shares a room with Ice and Lime - the odds are really stacked up against us.  So everyone thinks its best if she camps out in my room as much as possible, even sleep in Mango's bed - that really did not amuse me at all!!!  Mango said he would sleep on the couch - he is always so sweet!!!

"There is only one way I can see of getting you to my town and a roof over your head - my parents."  Mango suddenly said to Ruby.  "I could ask them for help."

"No, you can't they might report us for breaking the colour code!!"  Ruby said quickly

"No they wouldn't - we don't care about that, we live around mixed berries all the time, my Mom is one remember, I am sure they would help especially if they knew how much trouble you would be in staying in this town."  I could just imagine that Mango's parents, knowing them, would help Ruby out too.

If Mango could get his parents to help that would solve a huge problem - all we would have to do is hide Ruby's pregnancy until it was showing then work out a way to get her out of school before anyone realized she is pregnant.   Another huge problem as this baby would arrive before we all graduated.  We were all getting a little fed up, talking round and round in circles and not coming up with anything.

"How about we leave them to it and go and have some fun?  We could go see that movie you wanted to watch."  Cosmic had started to get a little restless.

I'm actually quite happy to have an excuse to get out of here - all this baby talk is doing my head in and every time I hear Ruby throwing up, my stomach is rolling - I'm not sure how I am going to put up with her throwing up constantly now we are sharing a room.

"Lilly can I say something?"  I just stood looking at her waiting, out of habit,  for her to say something nasty to me.  "I just wanted to apologize for being so nasty to you since you came here - I shouldn't have done it and you didn't deserve it - I'm sorry!!"

I hadn't expected that and I didn't really know what to say in reply  "It's fine, forget about it."

"It's not fine though is it, Ive done and said some really nasty things and I really am sorry - I'm glad that Lime is not getting to split you and Cos up, you are good together!!"   She took a short breath then carried on speaking, just as well because I really didn't know what to say to her.  "I wanted to say thank you too - you are here trying to help me get out of the mess I've made, and I wouldn't have expected it and don't deserve it from you either!!"  

"This town you live in - are there many mixed berries?"  Sunny asked Mango, Sunny had been quiet and looking very thoughtful for quite a while.

"To be honest I can't tell, I am colour blind remember so I can't see them and don't know they are mixed unless they tell me, but I personally know a lot of mixed berries, I know a boy who is colourless like Lilly too - why?"

"Just thinking - Your parents, are they married??"

"Yes of course they are!!!"  Mango snapped at him like he was offended by the question

"Nobody says anything to them - your Mom are people ever nasty to her??"

"No, I've told you, mixed berries are quite normal, there is no colour prejudice at all, not even the colourless boy has had any trouble - Ruby and the baby will be perfectly safe and happy in my town if that is what you are worried about, and I will always be there to help her if she needs it!!"  Mango eyed Sunny curiously, I think he could already tell where this conversation was headed.

"So I can go to your town and have a mixed berry relationship and children with Ruby and it would be perfectly ok?"

"Yes perfectly fine, why is that what you are thinking?  You know it might not be your baby yet, don't you think you should wait and find out first before you go planning your life away already!!!"

"Those two don't care about her - I do - if it turns out not to be my baby, I doubt neither Jazz or Alpine will be there for her or the baby anyway.  I've been thinking and it doesn't matter if it is Jazz or Alpines baby, we can have ones of our own - I've decided I'm moving to your town when I graduate who ever's baby it is - its actually done me a favour, I would never have known there was a way for us to be together otherwise."

"Does she feel the same way about you?" Mango asked him, Sunny just shrugged his shoulders and said  "I think so .......... I hope so ......... it depends if she has been honest with me!!" 

"Yeah well I think you should talk to her properly and have a good think about what you are doing before you go leaping in head first!!!"

Why do I get the feeling Sunny has already made up his mind.  I worry that Ruby would just take anything she is given right now and Sunny might be getting his heart broken sometime in the future.

Caramel came up with the idea for getting Ruby out of school before graduation when the baby bump starts showing - Ruby could do something drastic enough to get herself expelled.  She could then disappear to Mango's town - problem solved in principal.  We would just have to wait and see if it was going to work out in reality.

Taking a quick shower while Cosmic went and did the same in his room, I had arranged to meet him downstairs when I had finished.  All the talk of Rubys baby problem which had been going on for hours, had giving me a bit of a headache.  I am also still reeling from Ruby's apology, I never really expected that from her at all.  I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"What?"  I shouted as I turned off the shower, I am not going to hear anything with the water running  "If you need the toilet I will be two minutes."  I shouted thinking that maybe Ruby needed to throw up again.

It was Caramel, she opened the door slightly "Lilly, I nearly forgot, there is a cute purple guy waiting for you downstairs by the back door, he said can you try and hurry up."

"Ok - I'm nearly done."  I had to laugh, Cosmic must be showered and downstairs already - I thought he was impatient sending Caramel to hurry me up!!!  That is one thing I've learned about Cosmic in the time we have been together, he is a very impatient person.

I skipped down the stairs still laughing at Cosmics impatience.  When I stepped through the back door I had a big grin on my face, and was just about to start playing him up.  Stood there I saw a purple guy alright - but it wasn't Cosmic.  I stopped dead in my tracks - just looking at him - I got a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach - not quite believing that I am actually seeing the person who is stood there.  When Caramel said a cute purple guy I automatically thought she meant Cosmic - but she hadn't meant Cosmic at all.

"What do you want??"  I snapped at him, seriously not believing he had the nerve to be here at all and he is the last person on this planet that I would have wanted standing here.!!



Song:  - Picture of You - Boyzone

The pregnancy was not planned - Ruby decided to take it upon herself on free will to spread herself around the boys - she had three romantic interests when I realized she had a baby bump coming - I seriously had no idea who was responsible till baby arrived.  This whole thing amused me no end as Ruby is actually my simself  - Red - berried and aged down - and has yet again stuck to character, yet again she has embarrassed me!!!!


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    1. Red was only ever put there to make up the numbers - she tried to grab a bit of limelight in the only way she knows how LMAO!! Mmmm Prelude next chapter you'll find out what hes up to :)

  2. It's cute for Sunny to want a life with Ruby even if the baby isn't his and hope that turns out for him. Red is always adding extra drama for you.

    It is a surprise that Prelude would show up.

    1. :) I have a terrible habbit of looking at and locking in wishes even though I don't need to. Some of the things happening are from the sims wishes - Sunny and Ruby - and Mango is killing me he is constantly rolling romantic wishes for Lilly - I have to keep parting Cosmic and Mango because they keep fighting lol

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