Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Chapter 9 - Gen 1 - Lilly

I'll be Right Here Waiting for You

I was reading and without realizing it had drifted off to sleep ........

........ and am Dreaming


We were in our special place, in the woods at the end of the meadow,
sat watching the dragon flies dancing across the surface of the water of the small lily pond.

The sun was beating down, it was a really hot summers day

The birds were singing away happily in the trees and I could hear the crickets chirping.  Ive always loved the smell of this place, it's quite heavenly, the floor being a carpet of flowers giving off lots of different scents which you never got bored of.  I doubt there is a more beautiful place on berry's earth.

Graduation was just around the corner for us, we were in the middle of taking out final exams and we were taking a well earned break after all the continuous revision we had been doing, we needed to recharge our batteries and thought we would make the most of this nice summers day by just chilling in our special place.

We were lying on the warm grass, holding each other and just relaxing.
Suddenly Cosmic gently pushed me off him and half sat up, propping himself upon on his elbow and looked down at me.

"Lilly promise me something?"
"If we get separated, promise me you will come to this place."
 "You will find me here -  I'll be right here waiting for you."

"Cosmic, we won't get separated, you promised you would love me forever."
"I will love you forever, but if I fade before you, I'll wait here for you,
promise me you will come and find me"
"What if I fade before you?"
"Then you wait here for me and I will come and find you - promise me Lilly -
then we can share forever together."
"Ok I promise."

We lay down again, I snuggled up to him and closed my eyes, letting the warm sun wash over me.  I felt so comfortable feeling him next to me, I could feel his heart beating softly under my hand which lay on his chest. "I wished we could stay like this forever."
"We will, I love you Lilly"
"I love you too"

 I drifted off to sleep.


I think the cold is what woke me, so cold it made me shudder.
Before I even opened my eyes I knew that something was wrong.  I stretched out my hand searching for Cosmic, but he isn't here, I am alone. 

I sat up quickly thinking he might have rolled away from me, hoping he would be sleeping close by, but he wasn't.  Frantically looking around I couldn't see him anywhere so I quickly scrambled to my feet.  I knew he had to be here somewhere - he promised - he would wait here for me if we were ever separated.

I started looking around for him.  Everything seemed different somehow, it felt like a different time, damp and colder, the sky is dull, the sun isn't shining anymore and the ground sounded crisp under my feet like it is covered in a layer of light frost, it almost felt like winter time.

The birds are no longer singing, and I could no longer hear the crickets either.
This place is now eerily silent, something didn't feel right.

Then I spotted Cosmic sat on the grass on the other side of the lilly pond.  The lilly pond that used to be just that, a small pond, now it looked more like a river, it stretched out both ways as far as the eye could see, giving me no way to get to Cosmic sitting over on the other side.

I had only seen Cosmic at first, I had not notice the child.  Seeing the boy suddenly made me happy, I didn't need to question his identity, because I already knew, even though I have never seen him before - it made me happy knowing that they were together in this place.

I called to Cosmic but he didn't seem to hear me, he carried on playing with the child who was happily laughing, "Again Daddy" the little boy pleaded and Cosmic threw him up into the air again.  How could I hear them quite clearly but they didn't seem to be able to hear me.   Just the sound of Cosmics voice was making my heart ache, it feels like forever since he faded.

They looked like they were leaving, so I called out to him and he stopped suddenly but didn't look in my direction like I expected him too.  Then I realized it wasn't my voice he had stopped for, the child is talking to him.

 "Daddy - Mommy coming!!"  the child said
"No, not yet, its not her time, we have to wait a little longer."
"Look" the little boy pointed in my direction
I could see the little boy clearly for the first time, he is all purple except for he has my colourless eye.

They both looked at me then, Cosmic and the child.
"Go back Lilly its not your time yet."
 "Cosmic I don't want to, I want to stay here with you."
  "Go back and live your life, Please they need you Lilly."  who? who needs me?
"We will still be right here waiting for you when the right time comes - we have forever remember"  he smiled at me then but for a second I thought I could see a tear running down his face. Without another word he turned and started to walk away.

 I called after him again scared he would leave  "Please Cosmic, don't go!!"
he carried on walking without stopping or turning around
 "Lilly please go back, you have a life to live, when its over I will still be here waiting for you, I promise.  Trust me you have to go back."

I watched him disappear behind the bushes and trees, he never looked back.

and just like that he was gone again.


I wake up in a panic, crying and struggling to catch my breath, the pain in my chest was real, I felt like I had lost him all over again, he was there in front of me and now he has gone again - I never ever wanted to feel the pain of losing them again.

Collapsing in a heap on the floor I began to sob uncontrollably, I felt like my heart had just been torn out all over again.  I sat there for hours until I had cried myself out.  Whatever I had just seen was too real to be just a dream!!!!  Cosmic was telling me to go back, but why?

I hadn't realized at first that I could hear quiet music coming from somewhere, I stood up and moved towards the door.  Standing by the door I could hear the music quite clearly.

 Piano music - Mango's favourite song.  I smiled, remembering him trying to teach me how to play that tune, I lost my temper with him for keep shouting at me for playing it wrong, I pulled down the piano lid in temper and nearly broke both of our fingers, we have laughed about it since but I remember he found it far from funny at the time.

WAIT!!! - what am I thinking - a memory - did I just have a memory??
My head suddenly started swimming, a few things fell into place.

I suddenly realized I had to keep on reading, the answers I am looking for are in this book.

I know who I am!!!
I just need to figure out how I got here, and how do I get out?
More importantly, which way do I chose to go?


Song:  I'll be Right Here Waiting for You - Richard Marx


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