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Chapter 6 - Gen 1 - Lilly

~If You Needed Somebody ~

We had just got back from the Principals office, me going to Mango's house for the holidays had been ok'd  which I'm over the moon about and dying to know what Mango and Ruby's cryptic argument had been about earlier.  "Come on then spit it out, what was all that with Ruby??" 

"Ruby puts it out for any boy who wants it and she doesn't exactly stick to the colour code either!!"  He started grinning as I sat there with my mouth open.

"Do you mean Ruby is sleeping with the boys? Who?"  Pretty shocked she would be doing it; as there are no red boys for her at this school to be with.

"I haven't, don't know about Cosmic but I know Sunny, Jazz and Alpine do quite regularly!!  Now can you see why she has a nerve having a go at me for hugging you?!  I think she was a little shocked that I knew about it."  he looked a little smug.

"Alpine - Oh My Berry!!!  Lime doesn't know I take it?" I was shocked, if ever she found out I could see it causing loads of trouble between her and Ruby!!!

"Of course not, why do you think Alpine kept your colour fading game a secret from Lime - he has secrets of his own which we keep from Lime, and truth be told he is not really into Lime at all, he just doesn't have much of a choice."

Checking my emails, I had quite a few, I spotted one from Lime, I should have just deleted it but like an idiot I opened it - short and sweet - "Your funeral baby!!".  Why was I not surprised, I laughed at myself for reading it then deleted it.  Then I spotted two email addresses I didn't recognize.  I opened the first one, saw the first few words then froze - "Hey Sis"  WHAT!?  I scrolled to the bottom of what was quite a long email and stared at the word at the bottom - PRELUDE - he has got a nerve!!!!!  "Hey Mango - come read this for me - I cant - tell me if its nice or nasty - No!! on second thoughts don't - I'll just delete it."  I didn't delete it but just switched off the computer, even the thought of receiving an email from Prelude unhinged me a little so I totally forgot about the second email. 

"Delete what?"  he was lying on the bed reading sheet music or should I say memorizing notes, playing his imaginary piano with his right hand - he is never happy until he can play a song from memory.

"Oh nothing."  It was then that I spotted the colourless flowers, they kind of creeped me out, colourless flowers are only used for one thing "Where did you get those flowers from?"

"Flowers?"  his eyes popped up above the sheet music so I pointed to them  "Oh... those , I didn't, I thought you had put them there."  He went back to his sheet music, like there was nothing wrong here when I had alarm bells ringing in my head!!

"No - well if I didn't and you didn't who did?  Don't they creep you out??"  he didn't react he just carried on humming  "Put that damn music down for a minute." I snapped at him, irritated that he couldn't see anything wrong with colourless roses just turning up out of the blue.

"Keep your shirt on ratty - Why would flowers creep me out??  I think they are kind of pretty - Anyway do you go around with your eyes closed - they have been there nearly 2 days!!!!"  He just lay there looking at me like I had gone mad.

"Two days they haven't don't be stupid!!!!" 

"I noticed them the other night, when you and Sunny were dancing and he went off early to do his history assignment  - you still have not told me why those flowers creep are you out!!"  He has got to be getting his days mixed up, I used the computer that night, I remember because Cosmic was sat with Jazz and I used the computer as a distraction and they definitely were not there then!!!

"Well look at the colour of them for a start - doesn't it bother you?"  I was starting to become irritated thinking about he email from Lime.

Deeeeer - colour - I don't see colour!!"  he said sarcastically then started to laugh

"Sorry I forget sometimes.  They are colourless - you only see colourless flowers at funerals - I just received an email from Lime saying "Your funeral baby!!!"  now tell me you are not creeped out!!"

"Lilly you need to chill out - they are just flowers, you probably have a secret admirer....."  he stopped suddenly and looked a little stressed, maybe he is beginning to see what I am getting worked up about - "If they bother you that much throw them away!!  you are such a mad head sometimes"  he ruffled my hair up then went back to his music sheet.

Secret admirer!!!! - is he off his head???!!!! - I picked the flowers up, marched into the bathroom and threw them in the peddle bin, slamming down the lid.  There!! - stick your flowers!!  Of course I had already made my mind up - this had something to do with Lime, she does keep threatening to bury me after all.

The next morning I got up and I was about to walk into the bathroom when I spotted more flowers.  I ran into the bathroom to check the bin and stood on the pedal bin lever so hard in my hurry that the bin lid went flying across the bathroom smashing into the shower glass.  "Are you ok?  What on earth are you doing???"  Mango came rushing into the bathroom.  "Look!!"  I screamed at him pointing at the flowers in the bin.

"Yes, flowers."  he was looking at me again like I had gone mad.

"Look by the computer!!!  More colourless flowers!!!!"

"Now tell me I am being stupid!!"  We both stood staring at the second lot of flowers.

"Remind me never to buy you flower!!!"  He still doesn't see it does he?!   "I don't know why you are so adamant this is Limes doing and why is so hard to think someone sent you those flowers because they like you???"

"IF and I say IF these flowers are from a secret admirer then they will more likely be for you - I'm not the only one in this room  remember."

"Yeah right!!!  Me a secret admirer - you are on another planet!!!!  Look if Lime is sending these flowers then I guess she is laughing her ass off at you right now because she is getting the desired reaction from you isn't she!!!  Lilly you are becoming hysterical over a stupid bunch of flowers."  he was right, I was working myself up into a tizzy  "Throw them away with the others if you have to and forget them - we will be with my parents in less than 5 hours - by the time we get back from holidays you will have forgotten all about these flowers!!"


Two Weeks Later.

What was it that he had said - "Throw the flowers away and forget about them, I would not remember them when we got back."  He was wrong!!!!

We had just got back from the best two weeks of my life, the holidays were over and we had forgotten all about the flowers until we opened the door to our room and what is the first thing we see - colourless Flowers.   I felt like I had just been punched in the gut.  Obviously the game continues.

It really upset me - I thought I would feel on top of the world for weeks I enjoyed myself so much during the holidays I didn't think anything could bring me down - I was wrong - I had forgotten about the flowers until I set eyes on the third ones - it was like we had never been away - so now we are back to wandering why this is happening and more to the point who could be doing it.

We were both exhausted after our busy two weeks with Mango's parents and went to bed early both of us totally crashed.  The next morning ................. flowers EVERYWHERE!!!!!  Someone had crept into our room while we were sleeping - six bunches of flowers were scattered around the room - all colourless - now I am angry!!!!

I was fuming and picked up one of the bunches of flowers off the floor  "You know what, I'm going to take these and ram them down her miserable throat!!!"

"Calm down, Lilly, we still don't know its her - do you honestly think she would waste this much money on flowers as a joke on you - I take it they are all colourless - colourless roses don't come cheap!!!!"

Mango managed to calm me down eventually - we decided to get rid of the flowers and that I would stay awake tonight and catch who was doing it - I was the expert at lying in wait for things during the night - the monster under my bed and the nightly prank playing visits had given me plenty of practice.

Being a Sunday we had no classes and it was the last day of the holidays anyway.  These flowers were starting to take over our life, so to get away from the 'funeral' flowers we decided to spend the day on the park to forget about it all.  Mango laughed at me for calling them funeral flowers - he is convinced I have a secret admirer - I am convinced its Lime.

We ate hotdogs on the park, which Mango cooked or should I say cremated, we planned to meet up with the others later on once everyone had returned from their holidays.

"Mango come on - its getting late we said we would meet the others at seven - its a quarter past already!!"  He was on the grabbing machine where he had been for over half an hour trying to get me that damn teddy bear - I now wished I had kept my mouth shut!!

"One more go - I'll get it for you."  he is mad!!!  He keeps saying that, one more go.

"Look, even if you do get me that teddy bear it wont replace the one I lost so quit wasting money and COME ON!!!!"  I ended up grabbing his top and pulling him away from the machine.

I was getting mad with him, I know he was only trying to be sweet but there really is no need.  My teddy bear, the one that was my only friend during my childhood, was the first thing that the nightly pranksters removed from my room, I had only been there a week and it had really upset me at the time.  Walking past the machine I spotted a teddy that looked similar - more fool me for telling Mango because now he is adamant he is getting it for me when really I don't want the reminder!!!

"What were you two doing in the park making out - Mango is NEVER late for anything!!!"  Sunny started laughing and winked at Mango, only Sunny was laughing.

"No!!!  The sap was trying to get me a teddy bear out of the grabbing machine, he would still be there now if I hadn't dragged him away!!"  I was kind of embarrassed that they might think that me and Mango had been kissing in the park.

"A Teddy bear - awww how romantic, it must be love!!!" Sunny was laughing his head off, Mango just sat there scowling  "Shut up Sunshine!!"  Mango snapped.

Suddenly without warning or reason Cosmic's clenched fist smashed down on the table sending the domino's flying everywhere, we all just looked at him in disbelief,  he got up and stormed out without saying anything.

"Wow!!  He's rock and rolling again guys - I wander what upset him this time??"  Sunny eyes followed Cosmic as he walked out of the common room.  "That boy needs therapy!!" 

Watching the boys playing pool - I heard his guitar playing - Cosmic was back again, he didn't look happy.  No apologies and everyone spoke to him like nothing had gone on earlier, but then I suppose they are used to his mood swings, I just wished I know what they were about.  I couldn't help but stand watching him - he is so damn cute, even if I am beginning to think he is a little strange.

"You think he's cute too, I can tell, you need to quit looking at him like that if you don't want to be rumbled!!!!"  Caramel spoke to me making me jump, I had been miles away dreaming.

I could feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment, could she really tell what I was thinking?!  Did I make it that obvious??  If she noticed I was embarrassed she didn't say anything she just carried on talking.  "Why is it all the cute boys are always the wrong colour!!!  I know it doesn't bother Ruby but one of these days she is going to get caught breaking the colour code, personally I would never take the risk, no matter how cute they are!!!!"

"Yes, Mango told me about Ruby being the school bike, but its not just Ruby the boys are being really stupid too - they are playing the same dangerous game!!!"  I wandered if Cosmic was one of those boys.  How cruel that I should be purple but am not - not that he would look at me twice anyway, he has not even spoken to me yet and I don't have the nerve to speak to him, I doubt he even knows what my name is.

I like Caramel, she is my only girl friend, she has been one of the few that has never really done anything nasty to me,  in the early days when I first arrived here, not even name calling.  In fact - Mango, Caramel and Cosmic are the only ones that have never been nasty to me in any way.  Until they had accepted me she had been pretty much on her own not wanting to mix with Lime, Ice and Ruby, so she is just as glad to have me as a friend.

That night I stayed awake all night and nobody came - no flowers - I was really pleased but totally exhausted by the time morning came, not sure how I am going to get through the day without falling asleep. I hoped that there would be no more flowers.    We didn't think to keep watch the next night - we presumed the flowers would stop coming -  big mistake.

More flowers and a teddy bear sat on the floor by the door the next morning, someone had again crept in during the night.  I was kicking myself all day for not getting Mango to keep watch while I slept - this was seriously starting to get on my nerves.

"Now isn't that strange that we should be talking about getting you a teddy bear and a day later one turns up with the flowers - I'm telling you - you have a secret admirer!!!!"  Mango seemed quite irritated with the teddy bear more than he ever had been over the flowers.

"I am going to lose my temper with you Mango if you say that again!!!  I wouldn't have, nobody is my colour, and who would want me!? beside don't you think if I had he would have said something by now or even hinted in some way!!"

"Not necessarily what if he is too shy or too scared to say anything because he is scared you will reject him - and what do you mean 'who would want you?'  There is nothing wrong with you - I don't think you realise how pretty you are!!!"  He had a far away look in his eyes and looked quite irritated, he now is even getting more worked about these flowers than I am.

"You need to get those glasses checked, they obviously are not strong enough!!"

I was going to get them tonight if it killed me.  Mango was taking first watch and he was to wake me when he got too tired then I would take over.  So when I woke up in the morning my first thought was there are no more flowers, then I heard Mango's snoring - Great!!!!!

Sitting on the carpet by the door - more flowers and another teddy bear. I wanted to scream!!!!!  It took a few minutes for me to realize neither the teddy or the flowers were colourless - they were purple this time.

"Mango - wake up!!"  Now I was really mad at him, obviously he had fallen asleep and missed whoever had sneaked in again with the flowers and teddy.   I really don't know how much more of this I can take.

"Now look - more flowers and another stupid teddy bear - you fell asleep didn't you!!!"  I hardly gave him time to wake up before I started yelling at him.
"Lilly chill out!!!! I saw who it was alright, I just didn't say anything to him.  I have been lay here most of the night trying to work out what his game is, Ive been running things around in my head and its obvious it's you he wants."  He was still rubbing his eyes and trying to get out of bed.

"Tell me - who was it?"  he ignored my question and started rambling.

"I don't think he's doing it for Lime either, I know he is doing it for himself, quite a few things that he has done lately kind of makes sense to me now.  I'm not sure I like this but I guess you are going to love it - I half considered dragging him out of bed and knocking his block off, I should have seen this coming weeks ago, why am I so stupid!!???"  He was beginning to worry me, I had never seen him like this before.

"What is wrong with you and what are you going on about - you still haven't told me who you are talking about yet!!"

"Truthfully I don't want to tell you, and its my own stupid fault because I have sat back and waited for you to like me, instead of telling you how I really feel about you.  I've gone and let him steal you from right under my nose because I couldn't see it coming.  I've seen the way you look at him, I'm not stupid, I've seen you go gooey eyed every time he's in the room, I know I have lost you already.  I don't even need to tell you who has been leaving you flowers do I, you know already and I don't even have to say his name."

I couldn't look at him, my head was swimming - I couldn't take any of what he was saying in let alone believe it.  I can't have heard him right - this can't be happening, I'm going to pinch myself and wake myself up, I have to be dreaming - or is this a nightmare?

"I'm not wrong about the way you feel about him am I?"

"Depends who you are on about?"  I wasn't ready to talk to him, how could I admit to him how I felt about Cosmic after he has just told me how he feels about me.  He is talking about Cosmic isn't he?  My brain was still trying to make sense of it all.

"Come on, you know, there is only one person who is going to leave you a purple teddy bear and flowers, I can see they are a darker shade of grey than the others have been and even though I don't know what colour they are,  I would stake my life on them being purple, just like the person who delivered them, the same person that makes you go weak at the knees."

He grabbed his clothes and stormed off into the bathroom slamming the door.  This cant be happening!! - when did this start?? - I doubted everything Mango said about Cosmic, the only reason he would be leaving me flowers is because he is doing Lime's dirty work, I think Mango has that all wrong, he is mad for even thinking that Cosmic would like me that way.  Mango is the one I'm struggling to get my head round - when did he start feeling like this and why hadn't I even noticed!!!  I have never looked at him in that way - what the berry am I supposed to do with this??

"Lilly I'm sorry, I've been very selfish, I've had hardly any sleep and I can't think straight, I panicked  - I should never have told you how I feel like I just did and especially not now.  I know my timing stinks, and I've probably just messed everything up between us and I never wanted that - I'm sorry."  he started to open the door to leave the room.

"Where are you going?"

"I don't know, I need to clear my head - but you should go and find Cosmic, I think you have made him wait long enough don't you!!"


 Song: If You Needed Somebody by Bad Company


  1. I don't know why but I prefer Cosmic :)

    1. Aaawww - I did to start with :) I'm sure Mango will grow on you!!

  2. Oh yay Cosmic likes her! I totally understand Lilly's trust issues though, and where she's coming from. Aww poor Mango, stuck in the friend zone, while he knew Cosmic was showering her with flowers. LOL! Ruby sleeping around with all the colors of the rainbow. Haha, it was probably about time someone broke the rules. =D

  3. Hmm... I like Cosmic, but I like Mango better.

  4. Aww poor Mango.. but i mean, things are looking up for Lilly right? The guy whe she likes likes her back? i mean.. that NEVER happens! haha

  5. Lilly is too emotional when comes to those flowers; although I can understand why she would assume it would have to be Lime. Like who else could it be? Poor Mango blurting out is feelings and Lilly not understanding. I'm torn, I like Mango's personality but Cosmic is cute. I hope it all works out for her!