Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Chapter 13 - Gen 1 - Lilly


Walking down the stairs, on my way to the locker room where Lime had told Cosmic to arrange to meet me, my stomach is rolling over and my palms are getting sweaty I am really nervous over what is coming.  Jazz is to stick with me just in case, we planned for the others to wander in a few at a time then Cosmic is to turn up last.

"You ready for this Lilly?"  Jazz asked me as we reached the bottom of the stairs, one turn of a corner and we would be stood in the locker room.  I am worried this might all blow up in our face.

"Not really, but it has to be done."  I sighed.  He squeezed my hand and said "Don't worry you'll do great!!" he let go of my hand as we entered the locker room then wandered over to his locker.  Lime is already there ready and waiting, leaning up against my locker casually picking at her nails a half smile on her face.

"Excuse me."  I said to her she looked up  "My locker if you don't mind!!"  she sucked her teeth at me then went back to picking her nails.  I grabbed her arm and yanked her away from the locker.  One of my pet hates - teeth sucking - she got my back up straight away.

"DON'T touch me FREAK!!!"  she yelled at me

"Don't worry you are not going to catch anything!!"  I smiled at her.

She went off on one then threatening to bury me again - she is getting so boring is that all she can do threaten to fade me.  Mind you I suppose I shouldn't take this threat lightly anymore now that I know that she has actually faded someone - Apple Blossom. 

"Whatever!!  Like you scare me - you are all mouth and no trousers - if you was going to fade me you would have done it already!!!!"  She just stood there scowling at me  "You slither around here like a revolting slug getting everyone to do your dirty work because you aren't capable of doing it for yourself, one of these days you are going to slip and break your neck on your own S-LIME  trail!!!!"

Jazz and Sunny burst up laughing behind me  "S-LIME trail  - Oh Lil you kill me!!!"  Jazz could hardly speak for laughing.  Jazz and Sunny are now rolling around behind me having absolute hysterics, I am finding it very hard not to join them.  Ruby and Ice turned up and Mango wandered in looking really worried, but then he would - he spent all of last night after lights out stressing over today, trying to talk me out of it thinking I am going to get hurt.

Cosmic came wandering up behind Lime and he winked at me, I smiled at him and Lime turned her head to see who I had just smiled at.  A big grin spread across her face.

"Oh here he is LOVER boy!!" she started laughing.  "Glad you could make it Midnight, just on time as we arranged."  She thinks she is so clever - I noticed how loudly she had said the word Lover, so I thought I would get the first dig in.

"Oh no, not lover - Cosmic wants us to wait  until after we get married."  I said trying to sound as innocent as I could.  Cosmic started to smile behind her back but had to quickly straighten his face when  Lime's face dropped and she turned to Cosmic scowling at him.

"You are useless Midnight, you can't even get the freak into your bed!!!" she spat at Cosmic  "The next time I tell you to do something - you DO IT!!!!"  She stood there scowling at him.

I was trying so hard not to laugh at the faces that Cosmic is pulling for Limes benefit, he is so over acting.  "What is she talking about Cosmic?  What did she tell you to do?"  I tried to sound confused but I doubted that I did.  I heard Sunny and Jazz sniggering, they really weren't helping me, I am so dying to laugh.

"This is the part I've been so looking forward to - I am just about to burst your little bubble freak.  You see this little romance of your - You and Midnight, its just a scam - did you really honestly think that he would fancy you!!??  He is only pretending to be your boyfriend because I told him to - isn't that right Midnight?!"

Cosmic said nothing and I tried to look like I was shocked.

"Come On Midnight tell her, the charade is over and she is so dumped!!!  You see freak this has all been one big joke on you - you don't play your colour fade game on me and get away with it!!!!"

"Come on Midnight - DO IT!!!"  she yelled at Cosmic

"Come on then LOVER boy - tell me - has this just been a joke???!!"  I yelled at him, I saw the corners of his mouth curl up, I'm going to kill him, I'm already finding it hard not to laugh.  Lime is looking pretty pleased with herself, she thinks she is just about to see a big bust up.

"Sorry Lilly, Yes it has just been a joke."  Lime started cackling like the evil witch that she is.  Cosmic smiled then and said  "But you know as well as everyone else - the jokes on Lime not you!!"

Suddenly Lime stopped her cackling, I think she is just realizing this is not going to her plan. 

"Dump her Midnight!!  I am warning you, do what we planned or else - tell the freak how you really feel about her!!"

"Actually Lime that is exactly what I planned to do"  he started smirking

Cosmic knelt down on the floor and I wandered what he was doing.  He pulled something from underneath the lockers, Jazz's locker, a small box, which he opened up and inside ....... O.M.B!!  ........ a ring.

"Lilly White Orchid, I love you, will you Marry me?"

"W - T - F!!!!" 

The shock on my face - that's real - I had no idea he was going to do this - is this just part of the game - or is this real - I'm going to kill him - this isn't how we planned it!!!

"You're joking right?!"

"No, I'm not joking, you know I love you.  I want us to get married after we graduate - so - will you Marry Me - Please!!"

"Okay, Yes!!!"  I held my hand out and he slid the ring on my finger.  I was so shocked I almost forgot what we were doing here with Lime.

"Never do that to me again!!"  I said to him when he pulled me towards him.  "You know I hate surprises - did they know about this??!!"  he nodded and smiled - they were in on this, he must have already told them what he was planning to do.  Although I am not sure he had told Mango  - he is just stood there looking a little glum.

Lime let out an almighty growl

After he kissed me we both burst up laughing, everyone is laughing except for Lime and Mango.  I think Mango is still stood there in shock, I know he wouldn't be happy about us getting engaged, I really wished he hadn't had to see that, he makes me feel guilty for loving Cosmic and not him.  I know how he feels about me and I really wished he didn't because there is nothing I can do about it.  He has said he wont cause a problem and we can still be friends, but at times like this he doesn't have to say anything, he wears his heart on his sleeve and I can see it, and it hurts me to see him hurting.

"Oh Midnight - what have you just done to yourself!!!!  You silly silly boy!!!!"  Lime decided to continue with her game, which we expected anyway, she wasn't going to let Cosmic get away with this - but we were ready and waiting for her.

"Make the most of it freak"  She said to me  "One phone call and your little boyfriend here is spending the rest of his life behind bars, there will be no wedding!!!!  We had a deal me and him - he's just broken it - he knows what his punishment is going to be!!"

"You do and I'll be making a phone call of my own - Cosmic might get time for accidentally fading his sister, but he'll be out eventually and Ill still be waiting - you on the other hand - I just wander how long you will get for fading Apple Blossom in cold blood - plus all the other stuff you've told Alpine about - they are going to lock you up and threw away the key - you are never getting out, but then there will be nobody waiting for you will there, you evil twisted son of a fudge!!!!"  I watched her face become more and more shocked as I was talking - she never expected any of this to come out of my mouth I'm sure.

Wack!!!  I never saw that coming!!!  Her slap knocked me backwards, my face started to sting but it wasn't so bad, I've had worse off Prelude, I straighten myself up and smiled at her, a great big beaming smile to show her it didn't bother me.

Wack!!!  She didn't see that coming from me either.

Lime crumpled into a heap on the floor whining and holding her face - I hadn't hit her that hard, she's a wuss!!!.

Alpine stepped up then, grabbed Lime by the arms and pulled her to her feet.  She must have thought that he was about to comfort her - but she was wrong - she tried to put her arms around him and he pushed her off him

"I was going to wait until after graduation but I just can't stand it any longer."  Alpine yelled at Lime   "You came here expecting to see somebody get dumped today didn't you , and you won't be disappointed sweetheart  - you will still see someone get dumped - YOU!!!   We are OVER - I've had it  - I can't stand you and I never have done.  I was only using you for my own amusement and you aren't even very good at that are you!!!" 

"Alpine .........." She muttered


Everyone started laughing again - we were all in hysterics even Ice.

"You are all laughing now"  Lime started yelling  "Mark my words each and every one of you is going to pay for this one day!!!

"I'm warning you Lime, your bullying and blackmailing stops right here.  I won't hesitate to use all the information you have stupidly told me!!!!"  Alpine snapped at her  "You don't touch anyone here again - do you hear me!!!"

We all carried on laughing and as Lime stormed out of the locker room everyone started cheering and clapping - we had done it!!!!!  Lime is never going to bother any of us again, hopefully!!!!!

The school bell rang - dinner time is over - we have to go to class and not one of us has had time to eat - but it was worth it!!!!

Then I remembered at 4pm Prelude is due to arrive - I really am not looking forward to that!!!!  One drama over, one more to go.........


Song:  Enemies - by Shinedown


  1. Ah, they did turn the tables on Lime with that. It did seem about time that she got a taste of what she's always put people through.

    1. Green has never been my favourite colour lol

  2. Just goes to show whatever you put out there comes back to bite you in the....rump

    I wonder if Prelude is bringing his son?

  3. I wonder how dangerous Lime really is and what really happened with Apple Blossom. I didn't see the proposal coming either. Nice work.

    1. I guess you will find out the answer to this question eventually :) I'm saying nothing lol

  4. Yay finally Lime got what she deserved, and the proposal it was so sweet!!

  5. Oh yay Cosmic is so sweet. LOL, Lime got the tables turned on her, that was great! I hope Lilly can get along with Prelude now that he's trying hard to be a better person.

  6. Loved how the tables were turned on Lime. I just hope she's not as dangerous as she appears. I don't think any of them should leave their backs on protected. Loved the proposal. Cosmic is so sweet! I hope Lilly gives Prelude a chance, after all people can change if they really want to.